Danube bank

192944_nagytetenyi-dunapart-2-1030x687.jpg The bank of the Danube in Nagytétény was declared protected On the 4.7-kilometer-long bank of the Danube in Nagytétény, which has been declared a protected natural area, dogs can still be walked and mosquito repellent is free, but it is not possible to build a bike path and bicycle rest, build a boat house and a permanent berth for boats and small boats.
A promenade is being built on the banks of the Danube in Kelenföld In the southern section of Buda, a new pedestrian and leisure promenade with a width of 20-30 meters is expected to be built on the banks of the Danube in Kelenföld, recently a tender was announced for its design.
Fabulous East in Budapest at the turn of the century - Turkish architecture and places of amusement The thousandth anniversary of the Hungarian conquest of the Carpathian Basin provided the basis for the creation of many famous works of art and buildings, as a nation proud of its past lived in an economic heyday. However, the memories of high culture were only a slice of the diverse entertainment industry at the time, and the wider audience also longed for lighter entertainment, which was served by a number of places of amusement. It is interesting how similar they were in some respects.
Alteration of the embankments can begin next summer Representatives of BKK Centre for Budapest Transport and design companies have signed a contract, according to which they will prepare construction plans for the makeover of the inner city Danube Bank. The renovation can start next summer - according to the BKK website.
The local council is planning a community space next to the Árasztó Road dam The Danube Bank area on Árasztó Road in the 11th District would temporarily function as a new public space from the end of August. The local council and the City and River Association (Város és Folyó Egyesület - Valyo) would set up picnic tables and sunbeds to promote the shoreline, the Újbuda district newspaper reported.
The charming boathouses of Római-part have disappeared The Római-part (Roman Beach) was already a popular resting place on the Danube in the 1900s, and it became really popular in the 1920s. The former boathouses tell us about our architectural, sports and cultural-historical values – today mostly only from photographs.
Iconic Bálna in Budapest to be renovated Budapest's iconic building, Bálna or the Whale, which has defined the Danube-banks for years, is to be renovated. The structural renovation will see key materials replaced with modern counterparts, but the exterior will not change. Bálna will also receive decorative lighting.

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