During the development of Szomory Dezső Square in the 5th District, works related to the greening of the square and the demolition of the pavement have begun as part of the investment by the Inner City Local Council. Currently, the construction of the working pit for the trees waiting to be planted is taking place under the supervision of archaeologists - read the Mai Belváros district newspaper.

In Szomory Dezső Square, which is located a few steps from Deák Square and organically connected to Bárczy István Street, in addition to the planting of large trees, the related tree planting and irrigation system that ensures their proper living conditions will also be built. Until now, the space heated up quickly during the sunny, summer season but the current renovation makes it possible to create shaded areas.

Szomory Dezső Square will be beautified, design render (Source: blvf.hu)

As they say, three extra-large, 20-30-year-old, urban-tolerant trees will be planted on the square. The leaves of broad-crowned, sprawling, mulch-tolerant, urban-tolerant trees initially turn a flaming golden yellow in autumn, then carmine red or often a wonderful purplish crimson, and remain on the tree for a long time. The trees will be supplied with water by an automatic irrigation system with a rain sensor.

The extra-large trees are placed in a hybrid covering system based on the Stockholm tree planting system, with a design appropriate to their size. To create a living space for the trees and to maintain optimal living conditions in the long term, artificial skeletal soil is installed under the load-bearing cover.

The article mentions that the district used the planting of trees of similar size and age (20-30 years) to the trees to be planted in Szomory Dezső Square for the first time during the investment in Bástya Park and its surroundings, where 34 trees were planted, 3 of which were also 20-30 years old.

The contractor plans to plant the trees by the beginning of December.

The fountain pool of the Well of the Danaids will also be renovated; the design render of the square (Source: blvf.hu)

In addition, the hydraulic engineering system of the fountain pool of the well located on the square is being renovated by the 5th District Local Council in the name of water conservation, thus the economic operation of the well is realised. The Well of the Danaids is located in the middle of the square, behind the Deák Square Evangelical High School. It was built in 1933 and is the work of Ferenc Sidló.

Source: Mai Belváros

Cover photo: Giant trees will be placed on Szomory Dezső Square in the inner city (Photo: Mai Belváros Facebook page)