This will be the new promenade in Józsefváros

Hungarian version of the article: Ilyen lesz az új józsefvárosi sétány

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February 2, 2022 at 4:00 PM

The construction of a new pedestrian-friendly promenade in Józsefváros, in the vicinity of the Rákóczi square fairgrounds, is expected to start in the spring. It will give pedestrians more space, build a playground and plant trees. The visual design is complete, we'll show it.

The plan for the arrangement of Déri Miksa Street in the 8th district of Budapest was born in 2018, for which the local council won the support in the 2018 TÉR-KÖZ tender of the Capital City of Budapest. The goal was to create a pedestrian- and bicycle-friendly street that could be reborn as a new “main street” in the area with its new green spaces, sophisticated street furniture and tidy surroundings.

The concept focused on the significant transformation of the usability of the street, the feeling of space, the creation of a wider transport area for pedestrians, and the creation of a more shady environment. For this purpose, the local council also prepared the plans with the Korzó Studio.

The new district leadership changed its vision in 2020, and planning continued along that line. The aim of the development is to create a pedestrian-friendly promenade on the section of Déri Miksa Street between Nagy Fuvaros and Fecske Street - we found out about

This will be the case of Déri Miksa street after the renovation (Source:

The new promenade has been shaped by community design. There will be a sunny and shady garden, a chess table, a steam gate and a drinking fountain on site. A tube house will be built next to the playground to make the space safer and more usable. There will also be a washbasin in the area and part of the playground will be converted into a gym. At the request of the residents, a gazebo will be built next to the pipe house, which will serve as a community meeting place - writes 

According to the visual design, this is what the promenade will look like (Source:

59 trees will also be planted during the works. Another important aspect was the creation of a public space that also offers long-term solutions to the effects of climate change. Some of the rainwater is diverted to green areas, increasing the water balance of the soil, which evaporates to cool the city and reduce the need for irrigation.

Construction is expected to begin in the spring of 2022. 

Cover photo: Create a pedestrian-friendly promenade on the section of Déri Miksa Street between Nagy Fuvaros and Fecske Street (Source: 


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