The Jedlik Ányos High School in Csepel is being transformed into an educational institution at European level

Hungarian version of the article: Európai szintű oktatási intézménnyé alakítják a csepeli Jedlik Ányos Gimnáziumot

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January 28, 2022 at 5:00 PM

The foundation stone of the new wing of the Jedlik Ányos Grammar School in Csepel was laid. During the investment, a modern central hall, vocational education wings, a library and pavilions will be built in the Benedictine grammar school in Csepel. The renovation of the secondary school is expected to be completed by October 2023 with the support of the government for HUF 20 billion.

The foundation stone of the new wing of the Jedlik Ányos High School (JÁG) in Csepel was laid. During the investment in the Benedictine school in Csepel, the school's 5,800-square-meter main building will be renovated, and the new wing will include a sports hall and community space, as well as a library, pavilions and an ornamental garden around the school.

Before laying the foundation stone, Miklós Kásler, the Minister of Human Resources, spoke about what has happened in Csepel in recent years. Community strength, cohesion, working together and good leadership provide an opportunity for every community to move forward on the path to move forward, not backwards, he said.

The central building is completely renovated (Photo:

It is recalled that the history of the institution dates back to 1945, when the natives of Csepel decided to establish a school “which was built for the future and carried hope” and which was named after the genius inventor, the Benedictine monk. He added that in addition to the family, the school provides knowledge to the growing new generations, introducing them to the values that 33 Hungarian generations have accumulated in the Carpathian Basin and that have been combined with European cultural values.

He emphasized that they think in a school that “educates people”, it trains people who can stand their ground in the demands of the most modern age and can add to the work of previous generations with their creations. After the renovation, he wanted the students and teachers to continue their knowledge and traditions and to enrich the Hungarian cultural treasures.

Andrea Mager, Minister without Portfolio for the Management of National Assets, emphasized that young people are of paramount importance to the government, which is why they decided to renovate one of the most modern school buildings in Central Europe and add a new school building.

The school will be expanded with 4800 square meters of building (Source:

He also said that the aim of the development of the grammar school is to create an educational institution and cultural center at the European level, which is worthy of the exemplary life of Ányos Jedlik and which will bring the young people and Hungary to success. The school will be expanded with a new building area of 4,800 square meters, with 11 new special classrooms complementing the 34 classrooms renovated in the main building, a 160-person theater and a sports hall, as well as a new library and chapel.

On the foundation stone of the new wing (Photo: Zoltán Balogh / MTI)

Szilárd Németh, chairman of the constituency of Fidesz, secretary of state for defense, alumni of Jedlik, said the students from Csepel deserve to go to one of the most beautiful, well-equipped schools in the country, which also preserves its traditions. He especially praised the school's former teacher, Miklós Vermes, Uncle Muki, whose spirituality permeated the institution.

The time capsule includes the current Hungarian forint circulation coin series, the Friday issue of the Hungarian Nation, the yearbooks for the 70th and 75th anniversaries of JÁG, a photo of the faculty, a tie and scarf, the founding documents and other memories related to the school, and the design documentation for the hall was placed.

Renovation works of JÁG started on 18 November last year, when the project start-up handover protocol was signed by Mihály Medvigy, CEO of BMSK Investment, Technical Development, Sports Operations and Public Procurement Ltd. and Attila Sztankov, President and CEO of Laterex Épító Zrt.

Source:, MTI

Cover photo: During the modernization of the Benedictine Jedlik Ányos Grammar School, the old main building will be renovated and a new school wing will be built (Source:

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