According to the EU Public Procurement Notice, in addition to the development, building reconstruction is also expected in the 9th district Üllői street Groupama Arena. The investment will cover about 49,498 square meters.

The stadium, home to Fradi, which was handed over in 2015 and can accommodate 22,000 people in international matches and 23,704 in league matches, will be rebuilding the camera system, entry and payment systems, and building track and show lighting.  The project is an investment of Beruházási, Műszaki Fejlesztési, Sportüzemeltetési és Közbeszerzési Zrt. (BMSK).

The development of the arena and the reconstruction of the building are also expected (Photo:

The winning bidder will create a net museum exhibition space of 225 square meters of usable floor space to accommodate a permanent exhibition.

Its task is the general design and construction, the delivery and commissioning of tools and equipment, and then the installation, assembly and adjustment of the related hardware.

The camera system, the entrance and payment system will be rebuilt in the stadium (Photo:

The general planning and construction is performed by EBP Group Építő Kft., The amount of the investment is HUF 2.1 billion.

Source: European Public Procurement Notice

Cover photo: A cultural space will be created in the Üllői street arena, which serves as Fradi's headquarters (Photo: