The results of the EU public procurement procedure for the development of the Alkotás Street block of the University of Physical Education have been announced. As previously reported , the largest campus development of the capital is taking place in the area bounded by Alkotás street - Győri street - Kiss János altábornagy street. The block on Csörsz Street is still being built, where a multi-purpose hall for 1,500 people with a 200-space underground garage, a live grass athletics field, a NB I football field and two outdoor tennis courts will be established.

Competition and training pools will also be created during the investment (Design: TSCP)

The new buildings on Alkotás Street received a building permit in the first week of December 2020, the plans are recorded by TSPC Kft. According to the results of the announced procedure, the winning contractor, ZÁÉV Építőipari Zrt. will have to build the athletics hall. The hall will have a span of 50.2 square meters, under which a sports field and stands will be placed.

In addition, a new swimming pool will be set up with a 50-meter competition pool, a 25-meter training pool, a 200-seat grandstand, a seminar room and a high-level evaluation room for swimming lessons. The swimming pool also has a wellness and fitness room.

There will be a sports field and a roof garden at the top of the athletics hall (Photo: TSPC)

A hotel is also part of the investment. The 53-room Sporthotel will be located on the Alkotás street front of the building complex, the entrance lobby area will open from the Alkotás street front, and a breakfast room and heating kitchen will be connected to it.

As it turned out, the roof of the swimming pool and athletics hall will function as a sports roof, with a running circle and paved sports surfaces for various recreational sports. The complex will also include a gymnasium building, which will house a rhythmic gymnastics gym and martial arts facilities in addition to the gym.

Dormitory, student hotel is also being built (Photo: TSPC)

A new dormitory and student hotel will also be built, which will consist of a total of 400 beds and 224 one- and two-room rooms. The contractor will also be responsible for the design and reconstruction of the 18,000-square-meter historic garden around the main building, designed by Alajos Hauszmann and completed in 1884. The sheltered garden will be closed by the 13-meter-high wall of the athletics hall. 

The total net useful floor area of the sports facilities will be 30,334 square meters. In addition, there is an underground garage of 5,989 square meters and accommodation facilities of 13,728 square meters. The total investment is 50,051 square meters.

The government decided in December 2015 to develop the University of Physical Education (TE) in several stages, with a new campus being built and its existing facilities being renovated.

Source: European Public Procurement Notice

Cover photo: The development of the University of Physical Education continues with the Creative Road block (Photo: TSPC)