As we have previously reported , the National Circus Arts Center will be located in a part of the rust zone adjacent to the Western Railway Station, bordered by the railway, Ferdinand Bridge, Podmaniczky Street and Eiffel Square. As part of the Center, the new building of the Imre Baross Art Training Institute Vocational High School, Gymnasium and Primary Dance School will be built, which received the building permit on 1 April, 2022, according to the announcement of the Budapest Government Office. 

The new building of the Artist Training Institute will be completed with the renovation and expansion of a former diesel locomotive repair hall in the area, according to the building permit. The Imre Baross Artist Training Institute, the Grammar School and the Primary School of Dance will be able to continue their activities in modern conditions in a three-storey building (cellar, upper floor, one floor) on the plot 55-57 Teréz boulevard. The institute, founded in 1950, currently operates under the 3rd row of Városliget Avenue.

With the establishment of the National Circus Arts Center, the goal is to create a world-class educational, artistic and cultural center in Budapest. The first step of the investment will be the new home of the Artist Training Institute.

Cover photo: Visual design of the new building of the Artist Training Institute (Ádám Urbán / Metropolitan Grand Circus)