2021. február 17. 09:00
An iconic building in Budapest and one of the most important works in the oeuvre of the architect Henrik Schmahl has served Hungarian culture and entertainment for 125 years. The unique building with Moorish ornamentation is home to both the Uránia National Film Theatre and the University of Theater and Film Arts. The structure will now be given a new function. With the closing of the Ódry Stage, it will become a theatre for student productions. However, this article will offer a deep dive into the history of this marvellous building and its place in Budapest, rather than the details of a complex reorganisation.
2021. február 16. 17:30
The renewal and reforestation of forests in and around Budapest will start in two locations, Budakeszi forest in the 13th District and Határ forest in Kőbánya. The programme aims to increase the ratio of indigenous trees and shrubs in the forests and remove dangerous weak plants.
2021. február 16. 14:00
A new park is being built in the 13th district. The green will include an artificial lake, bridge and new sculpture. The large park will also reuse rainwater and house 55 new trees and over 21000 new plants. The local council has announced a design tender for the statue.
2021. február 16. 09:00
Building a metro was no easy feat in 1960s Budapest. During the construction of the M2 line, workers battled liquefied sand and groundwater but also found interesting artefacts, such as the skeleton of a Rhinoceros and a mammoth tooth. The large-scale development project also demanded some sacrifices. The building of the National Theatre was destroyed, and Rókus Hospital almost collapsed – though the latter was eventually saved. The tunnels were built from two different directions. The section built from Keleti Railway Station was connected to another built from Blaha Lujza Square with explosives sixty years ago.
2021. február 15. 14:00
Szentlélek Square, one of the busiest public transport junction in Óbuda is to be renovated. The first visuals of the plans have been made public. The modernisation will be carried out in multiple phases. In the first, the current pavilions will be replaced with new structures, including public restrooms, a tobacco shop and a breakfast café. The central building will be built in the second phase within three years.
2021. február 14. 15:00
The future public park at 1–11 Bástya Street in Pest will be built next to the old Pest city wall's longest still-standing section. The newly published plans reveal that a mini educational trail will be created to present the archaeological artefacts found in the area. Planners have also put great emphasis on the comfort of the visitors and creating green surfaces.
2021. február 13. 18:00
The National Centre for Circus Arts will be built next to the Western Railway Station. A former engine shed will be transformed into an acrobat training school. The construction of the centre has been declared a priority investment for the national economy.
2021. február 12. 19:00
The outstanding Hungarian actress, Kossuth prize-winner Gizi Bajor died seventy years ago. Her name is known by everyone that is even slightly interested in Hungarian theatre. What is less known is that her villa was a safe haven in 1944 and 1945, where she sheltered, among others, Jews and famous writers in hiding. Since her death, the villa on Stromfeld Aurél Road in the 12th District has preserved her memory as the Gizi Bajor Museum.
2021. február 12. 15:00
The Budapest City council has begun the process of renovating the pest lower embankment between Margit Bridge and Kossuth Square. The public procurement tender published today on the EU website details that the work will be completed until 31 December 2021. The government will provide 787 million HUF in funding towards the project.
2021. február 12. 11:00
For the modern commuter, the fact that trams and buses have numbers is obvious – but this was not always the case. In fact, numbers first appeared on trams in Budapest in 1910. Even the system's introduction had its bumps as trams often turned in different directions than what their number would have suggested, meaning not only passengers but drivers and conductors had to get used to the new solution.
2021. február 9. 10:00
When completed in 1903, the North Pest Hospital – part of Pestújhely at the time – was the only Art Nouveau hospital complex in the country. Opening as the Niedermann Sanatorium, the building later housed a workers' hospital and then became a military complex used by occupying Soviet forces. It was used as the central health institution to serve soldiers stationed in Hungary. The Art Nouveau main building now provides specialist care for outpatients, but most of the more than thirty structures are unused, abandoned and dilapidated – despite nine of them being listed historical monuments.
2021. február 8. 11:00
What will Budapest look like in 20 years? According to current urban development efforts, the air will be much cleaner, the underground, suburban railways and rail services will be connected. Commuters will happily board clean, on-time and frequent trains to get to work from the outer parts of Budapest and towns in the agglomeration. Sixteen new railway stations will be built to support this purpose, while huge areas once used by the railway may be rehabilitated and handed over for residential use. At least this is what the newly completed Budapest Agglomeration Railway Strategy says.
2021. február 7. 14:30
A leisure park will be established on three neglected plots bordered by Csalit Street – Csatárka Road – Szikla Street in the 2nd District. The plans have been made following consultations with locals. The leisure park will include an outdoor gym, a geological and botanical educational trail and garden, a running track, a playground, a giant slide, a dog park and a traffic park.
2021. február 6. 16:30
Archaeological excavations within the Csepel Freeport have uncovered artefacts from the Early Bronze Age. Although the material of the prehistoric pits is still being studied, the site of scattered ash-rite burials dating back to the Early Bronze Age is especially of note. Excavations have revealed ten vessels, making it clear that Csepel has been inhabited since prehistoric times.
2021. február 6. 11:00
In 1920 a new chapter began in the life of the Hangya Cooperative, which once had shops all over the country. The company decided to celebrate the upcoming 25th anniversary of its creation by building a new headquarters. The art deco-style building designed by Dénes Györgyi was completed quickly at present-day 30 Közraktár Street. The proud palace has stood for one hundred years on the three plots, highlighting the former success of the Hangya Cooperative.
2021. február 6. 08:00
The Liget Budapest Project has received yet another international prize. The National Conservation and Storage Centre, built on the former Szabolcs Street Hospital, has won the “Development of the Best Public Building in Europe” category in one of the world's most international real estate awards.
2021. február 5. 16:00
Researchers in the Eötvös Loránd Research Network's (ELKH) Research Centre for the Humanities are working to collect and publish the letters of József Eötvös. The five to seven-volume series will allow those interested in the era to gain a better understanding of education policy in 1848, from nurseries to universities, and the various ideas about the relationship between church and state after 1867, highlighting the dilemmas and compromises of the liberal government of the time and the everyday life of the emerging Hungarian state administration.
2021. február 4. 14:00
The newest lookout tower of the capital will be completed soon in the 16th District in the forest surrounding Lake Naplás. The 22-meter-high building, constructed from wooden beams, has been designed to fit into its environment and will offer an unparalleled panorama of Lake Naplás and the Gödöllő Hills.
2021. február 4. 08:30
There is an almost average 18th-century church, the history of which is much more exciting than its simple yellow walls would suggest. It was once cut in two and expanded – and it also served as the venue of a famous wedding 185 years ago. The happy couple were not everyday people. The bride was the widow of Károly Zichy, and the groom was István Széchenyi.
2021. február 3. 11:00
Football spread from England to Hungary in the 1890s. The Hungarian Football Association was founded 120 years ago in 1901, and in the same year, the first Hungarian football championship began. Budapest Torna Club (BTC – 'Budapest Gymnastics Club') became the first winning team, with the Olympic champion architect, Alfréd Hajós in its ranks. The BTC remained the dominant team in the league for a few years and was soon succeeded by MTK and FTC.
2021. február 3. 09:00
The new building of the Museum of Ethnography on the edge of City Park will open its doors in 2022. For this special occasion, the institution is creating new permanent exhibitions. The museum has just released a few-minute-long short film showcasing the preparations and offering a look behind the scenes.
2021. február 2. 12:00
Puskás Arena has been listed as a candidate for the European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture. The 208,000-square-metre stadium was opened in 2019 after 3 years of design and 3 years of construction. With its height of 52 meters, the arena has become a characteristic element of the Budapest cityscape.
2021. február 1. 17:00
The renovation of the playground on Meggyfa Street in the 3rd District will begin at the beginning of February. New games will be installed, plants added, and safe paving laid. A drinking fountain and a 3D hopscotch game are also part of the plans. Work is expected to take two months.
2021. február 1. 09:00
Budapest has just bidden farewell to another bus type: the last Ikarus 415 was recently retired from service. The model appeared in Budapest in 1987 but never became dominant, even though the factory had planned to replace the classic 200 series with the new design. Rather, its role was similar to a substitute player: rarely allowed to shine.
2021. január 31. 17:00
He played a prominent role in reaching the Austro-Hungarian Compromise of 1867, which created the dualist state known as the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy. The compromise led to stunning development in Hungary. Ferenc Deák, the "Wise Man of the Nation", died on 28 January 1876, 145 years ago. Many memorials throughout Budapest stand in honour of the great statesman.
2021. január 29. 15:00
Kiírták a közbeszerzést Budapest egyik legnagyobb parkjának tervezésére. A mindenki által látogatható, nyitott észak-csepeli közpark összesen 36 hektáron épül meg, pihenőterekkel, közösségi kertekkel, sportpályákkal, gyalogos- és kerékpárutakkal. A tervek két év alatt készülnek el.
2021. január 27. 14:00
A topping-out ceremony has been held at the new school building under construction in Völgy Street within the 2nd District. Teaching will begin in the new structure in September, with 350 students enjoying the new conditions.
2021. január 27. 09:00
Budapest is perhaps one of the leading capitals in the world in terms of groundwater and springs. However, not only springs can be found throughout the city. Once Pest was surrounded by swamps: from the present-day Újpest to Soroksár swampy areas ringed the city. Today, the diverse wildlife that surrounded Pest not so long ago is confined to the small Merzse Swamp.
2021. január 26. 15:00
An impressive gymnasium is built in the 22nd District between Antal Nagy Secondary School and György Kolonics Primary School. The venue will house events as well as basketball games and other sports. Construction of the facility is expected to begin in the summer and should be completed by the end of 2022.
2021. január 26. 11:00
Goldmann György Square in the 11th District will be completely transformed. The university is planning to construct new buildings in place of the V2 building and the canteen that have stood empty for years. A zero-emission research centre has been planned for the site. Dive into the history of this unique site with PestBuda!

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