Budapest Development Center

2022. február 17. 18:30
The railway tunnel connecting Kelenföld with the Western Railway Station by touching Széll Kálmán Square will be of paramount importance, as it will bring a leap forward development in the agglomeration, within Budapest and connecting the regions. However, the development will have a significant impact on the environment, which is why an environmental impact assessment study needs to be carried out, the contract for which has just been signed. In addition to surveying the soil, caves and springs, the study will also cover whether or not the dust and noise exposure of the population will increase.
2022. február 11. 19:30
The oldest railway station in Budapest, the Rákospalota – Újpest stop, will be renewed and modernized. The train station is neglected, cramped, not barrier-free, with tens of thousands used to travel daily. The Budapest Development Center commissioned the government to draw up the first visual plans, according to which the new narrow-gauge platforms at the new railway station will be replaced by spacious, covered, modern middle platforms. Access to the platforms will be completely unobstructed and the historic station building will be preserved and renovated during the upgrades.
2021. november 30. 14:00
4 smaller buildings are being renovated in the area of the future home of the new Transport Museum, Kőbánya, the planned reconstruction of which has now received the building permit. Next year, after remediation and demolition work, their renovation will begin. The central museum building is still being planned, it is likely to receive a building permit in 2022.
2021. szeptember 16. 05:00
The Csepel public park will be built on a total of 36 hectares, with rest areas, community gardens, sports fields, hiking and cycling trails. In the public park there will be a gallery forest next to the Danube branch, promenades, wooded groves, playgrounds and wetlands as well.
2021. augusztus 10. 19:00
The creation of the car-free City Park will be facilitated by the P + R car parks to be built at the Mexican Road terminal of Kisföldalatti, the design contract of which was signed today by the Budapest Development Centre and the winner of the tender, Középülettervező Zrt. The creation of parking garages is integral to the renewal of transport in the area.
2021. július 14. 18:00
The Budapest Development Center (BFK) has announced a public procurement procedure for the planning of a wetland to be established in the area of the Csepel recreational public park. The idea is that the Wetland, will keep rainwater generated on paved and built-up surfaces of the district along Weiss Manfred Road in place, providing a natural habitat for many plant and animal species.
2021. április 14. 18:00
To prepare the plans for the planned tunnel between Közvágóhíd and Kálvin tér, the Budapest Development Center will start drilling boreholes for soil tests at 93 locations. Work started first on Kálvin Square. The extension of the suburban railway lines to Csepel and Ráckeve to Kálvin tér and the construction of metro line 5 will connect the southern parts of Budapest to the city centre more efficiently.
2021. április 1. 19:30
An agreement detailing the renovation of the Pest Embankment has been signed by representatives of the Government and the capital. According to the plans, a new promenade and green areas will be created from Kossuth Lajos Square to the Bálna, the roundabout on Széchenyi Square will be removed, the tracks of tram line 2 and Közraktár Street will also be renewed.
2020. december 30. 14:00
The suburban railway (HÉV) lines to Csepel, Ráckeve and Szentendre, are to be completely renovated. Trains will be faster, tracks and stations rebuilt, and new, accessible, air-conditioned trains will be purchased. In the first phase of the development, the HÉVs will enter a tunnel at Közvágóhíd ('public slaughterhouse') station and run to Kalvin Square with a stop at Boráros Square. The tracks will disappear from the riverbank allowing for the creation of a cohesive new park promenade.