A wetland will also be established in the new Csepel Island public park

Hungarian version of the article: Vizes élőhelyet is létesítenek az új Csepel-szigeti közparkban

July 14, 2021 at 6:00 PM

The Budapest Development Center (BFK) has announced a public procurement procedure for the planning of a wetland to be established in the area of the Csepel recreational public park. The idea is that the Wetland, will keep rainwater generated on paved and built-up surfaces of the district along Weiss Manfred Road in place, providing a natural habitat for many plant and animal species.

The Budapest Development Center (BFK) is also establishing a wetland habitat in the Csepel Island public park, and a public procurement for the design was announced recently. As can be read on the BFK website, the function of the “Wetland” meandering in the north-south direction is to keep the rainwater generated in the surrounding area in place, only passing it through the natural filter layer and discharging it to the Ráckeve (Soroksár) -Danube. By retaining rainwater, they provide natural wetland habitats for many plant and animal species, and wetlands also play a significant role in improving the urban microclimate. 

Wetlands also play a significant role in improving the urban microclimate (Source: Budapest Development Center) 

The area of the wetland - reservoir and desiccator - is about 2.3 hectares, the rainwater of the related intensively built-up district must be collected from 10.9 hectares. In addition, the treatment of rainwater from other facilities in the park - BMX track (1.1 hectares) and clubhouse (1100 sqm), skatepark (1.5 hectares), pavilions (500 sqm) - must be taken into account.

Several sports fields and recreation areas will be established in the new city public park (Source: Budapest Development Center) 

Source: Budapest Development Centre

Cover Photo: Visual design of the Wetland in the new oublic park in Csepel (Source: Budapest Development Center) 

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