198048_198046_fortepan_160075_1_.jpg The radio is playing - Experimental broadcasting started 100 years ago Regular public radio broadcasts started in Hungary at the end of 1925, but it was possible to listen to the radio in Hungarian in the country more than two years before public broadcasts began because experimental broadcasts started in March 1923.
The death of Baron Manfréd Weiss of Csepel, a member of the House of Magnates Manfréd Weiss, a canner, became one of the richest Hungarian tycoons, the owner of Csepel Steel and Metal Works. When he died 100 years ago, they said goodbye to a wealthy industrialist who built a hospital, maternity home, sanatorium, nursery for his workers, and operated a soup kitchen for the poor. His huge empire, in which machine tools, sewing machines, stoves, bicycles, cars and aeroplanes were made, survived him by decades. The Csepel Steel and Metal Works Trust was dissolved in 1983, and independent companies were created from its units and tried to meet the increasingly difficult market challenges.
The rebuilt Tamariska Scout House in Csepel was handed over A scout house was built in 2019 on Tamariska Hill in Csepel, on the site of the former propane tank exchange, part of which burned down in February this year. The rebuilt Tamariska Scout House was inaugurated on Sunday.
The footbridge connecting Csepel to Pest is structurally ready The Robinson Bridge, which connects Csepel with the Pest side, starting from the Ferencváros athletics stadium, is already structure-ready.
A park will be named after Mária Wittner in Csepel The renewed park on the site of the former Görgey school in Csepel will be named after the revolutionist, Mária Wittner, who was sentenced to death in 1956, and an honorary citizen of the 21st District.
The former youth camp in Csepel is being renovated A new family-friendly leisure park will be created on the banks of the Little Danube by the end of 2023 in the 21st district Holland street youth camp. A playground and pedestrian walkways will be built on the Csepel site, the existing boathouse will be renovated, and tennis courts will also be created. Demolition of the pavilion and dressing rooms, which were in poor condition, has begun.
Budapest was enriched with new monuments A 13th district real estate and a 21st district complex was declared a monument, thus further expanding the list of monuments in the capital. In addition to a number of rural properties published in the Hungarian Gazette last Friday, the service buildings of the residential building at 20 Kartács Street and the Kvassay Lock adjacent to the Kvassay Bridge received monument protection.
The newest bridge in Budapest - An arched footbridge will connect Csepel with Pest The special pedestrian bridge is already under construction in Budapest, which, starting from the athletic stadium of the 9th District, will finally connect the Csepel Island peak to the city's circulation. The structure will connect the island with the Pest side with an arched road, and its recently erected pylon reaches a height of 65 metres.
The youth camp in Csepel is being renovated At the request of the people of Csepel, a family leisure park would be established in the 21st district Hollandi road youth camp, i.e. the site of the old pioneer camp. The local council wants to design the site together with the people of Csepel, tailored to the needs of the people living in the district, so it published a questionnaire and held a public forum. The concept plan is based on the responses and ideas received. The leisure park would be created as part of the developments along the Kis-Danube.
A 36-hectare park can be built on the site of a neglected rust area in Csepel More than three major-sized parks with clearings and large, green recreation areas would be created on the site of a currently neglected, dilapidated area in North Csepel. According to the plans, at least 1,000 trees will be planted in the 36-hectare park, the paved surfaces will be minimized, there will be a communal garden, a small greenhouse, a park area featuring native Hungarian pets, a visitor center and a playground for ages. A boat house and marina are planned for the waterfront. The park in Csepel can be completed by 2025. We show the plans!
School with ornamental garden - Renovation of Jedlik Ányos Grammar School begins The main building of the Benedictine grammar school in Csepel will be completely renovated, and a modern central hall, vocational education wings, library, pavilions and an ornamental garden will be built during the investment.
Construction of the huge park on Csepel Island can begin The Csepel public park will be built on a total of 36 hectares, with rest areas, community gardens, sports fields, hiking and cycling trails. In the public park there will be a gallery forest next to the Danube branch, promenades, wooded groves, playgrounds and wetlands as well.
A part of the city has become uninhabitable - We still do not know who blew up the Csepel munitions depot 95 years ago A large-scale explosion shook Csepel and the southern part of Budapest on 12 August 1926, at quarter to seven p.m. The disaster 95 years ago caused severe damage to houses in Csepel and Budafok: it broke the window panes, swept the tiles off the roofs. Fortunately, the explosion did not claim human lives, the blaze and sound of which could be seen and heard throughout Budapest.
A wetland will also be established in the new Csepel Island public park The Budapest Development Center (BFK) has announced a public procurement procedure for the planning of a wetland to be established in the area of the Csepel recreational public park. The idea is that the Wetland, will keep rainwater generated on paved and built-up surfaces of the district along Weiss Manfred Road in place, providing a natural habitat for many plant and animal species.
An exceptional park in an unsuspecting district Csepel's history is nowhere near perfect. Only three routes connect it with the rest of Budapest today, which is why it is out of sight. In recent years, something seems to have changed, and it is no longer just the panel renovation efforts making their impact: on the banks of the Ráckeve-Danube, versatile and well-designed promenades and parks await residents and visitors alike.
Renovation of Csepel suburban railway to begin in two years The suburban railway line to Csepel will be extended in both directions, and the work will be carried out in several stages. In the first phase – from 2023 – a new terminal will be built in the 21st District on Erdősor Street, in parallel with the modernization of the line from the Kvassay Bridge outwards. In the second phase, the line will be connected to the Ráckeve line at the Public Slaughterhouse and extended underground to Kálvin Square. Implementation of the second phase will begin in 2024 at the soonest.
Shortest suburban railway line in Budapest turns 70 Suburban railway lines (HÉV - helyiérdekű vasút) have been running from Boráros Square to the 21st District for seventy years. Csepel had a rapid transit connection before, with trains running on Gubacsi Bridge. The suburban railway line to Csepel is record-breaking in many aspects: it is the shortest line, the site of the most serious accident, and currently home to the oldest trains.
Trees replanted in Csepel The replacement trees in the Csepel Open-Air Baths in underway. The aged, diseased willow trees are being cut down, but have been replaced beforehand. In recent years, Csepeli Városgazda Közhasznú Nonprofit Zrt. has planted forty trees and is planning further afforestation.
Archaeologists unearth early Bronze Age tombs in Csepel – Finds reveal scattered ash burials Archaeological excavations within the Csepel Freeport have uncovered artefacts from the Early Bronze Age. Although the material of the prehistoric pits is still being studied, the site of scattered ash-rite burials dating back to the Early Bronze Age is especially of note. Excavations have revealed ten vessels, making it clear that Csepel has been inhabited since prehistoric times.
Phone lines once defined the Budapest real estate market Life today is unimaginable without a phone, yet not so long ago people could wait decades for a connection to be brought to their flat. Those who had landlines could consider themselves privilege, and those selling flats with one could ask a higher price. Thirty years ago, a new telephone exchange in Csepel with 18,000 lines was a huge step forward. Nevertheless, it seemed that it would only be possible to connect half of the flats in the city with phone lines by 2000.
Fifty years since the new trains arrived some are still in use on suburban railway lines Over the last few days, a number of articles have surfaced regarding the two companies that remain in competition to provide the new trains for the suburban railway lines. The new vehicles are much needed, as most of the current trains were bought in the 1970s. The oldest of them has been in use on the Csepel line for 55 years.
New Görgey Park completed in Csepel The newly opened Görgey Park in Csepel was renovated based on observations collected from the public. A fountain, running track and other sports equipment can be found on the green, where 40 new saplings have also been planted.

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