The footbridge connecting Csepel to Pest is structurally ready

Hungarian version of the article: Szerkezetkész a Csepelt Pesttel összekötő gyalogoshíd

October 13, 2022 at 5:30 PM

The Robinson Bridge, which connects Csepel with the Pest side, starting from the Ferencváros athletics stadium, is already structure-ready.

In a previous article, Pestbuda reported that a footbridge is being built next to the National Athletics Centre in the 9th District. The new pedestrian-bicycle bridge, also called the Robinson Bridge, connects Dél-Pest with Csepel with a curved road. It lies above the mouth of the Ráckeve-Soroksár Danube branch.

The bridge from above, design render (Photo: Speciálterv Ltd)

On the Facebook page of Speciálterv Építőmérnöki Ltd, which designed the pedestrian bridge, can be read that the Robinson Bridge is now in a structurally ready state. It was also announced that the length of the bridge is 168 metres, the pylon is 64 metres high, and a 7-metre wide pedestrian walkway will be created on it. "The total weight of the steel structure is nearly 1,000 tons. The slim design was ensured by tuned mass dampers according to pedestrian comfort criteria," they write.

The bridge does not lead directly from one bank to the other, but with a nice curve (Photo: Speciálterv Ltd)

According to the plans, the bridge will be completed by August 2023, in time for the World Athletics Championships to be held in Budapest. Athletes, organisers and visitors will be able to use it during the event.

Cover photo: The footbridge connecting Csepel to Pest is structurally ready (Photo: Speciálterv Zrt.)

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