New Görgey Park completed in Csepel

Hungarian version of the article: Elkészült az új Görgey park Csepelen

November 23, 2020 at 3:00 PM

The newly opened Görgey Park in Csepel was renovated based on observations collected from the public. A fountain, running track and other sports equipment can be found on the green, where 40 new saplings have also been planted.

The new Görgey Park on Csikó Promenade was symbolically opened on 20 November – reports The new park was created through a community design process on 16,000 square metres, on the plot which was until recently, occupied by the dilapidated building of the Görgey School. Mayor Lénárd Borbély and Lívia Tukács, the Sustainability Specialist of the Local Council, opened the park together.

The new park was built where the Görgey School once stood (Photo:

The dangerous old building was torn down in 2019. Before work began the Local Council casked locals how the area should be utilised in a survey. The plans for the development project were finalised base on their contributions.

The park was designed through community planning (Photo:

The park contains a 360-metre-long running track, badminton and football tennis courts, teqball and ping-pong tables and a chess table. A water fountain, modern benches and drinking fountains have also been installed. Residents requested a 500-metre paved pathway to connect the park to local shops, while a 1700 square-meters of the park was also paved.

Badminton and football tennis court, table tennis and chess tables been installed (Photo:

A rubber-surface playground has also been built (Photo:

Forty new trees have been planted as part of the project, while 13,000 square metres have been grassed over.  New parking spaces have been created, alongside a renovation of existing ones.

Forty trees were planted, and the area grassed over (Photo:

The park will serve anyone looking to spend their free time with sport or relaxation, offering a range of amenities for all families.   


Cover photo: Görgey Park in Csepel completed

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