Parking garages are being built on Mexican Road for the car-free City Park

Hungarian version of the article: Parkolóházak épülnek a Mexikói útnál az autómentes Városligetért

August 10, 2021 at 7:00 PM

The creation of the car-free City Park will be facilitated by the P + R car parks to be built at the Mexican Road terminal of Kisföldalatti, the design contract of which was signed today by the Budapest Development Centre and the winner of the tender, Középülettervező Zrt. The creation of parking garages is integral to the renewal of transport in the area.

An important goal of transport development in Budapest is to create a car-free City Park and to reduce traffic from the suburban districts and the suburbs of North Pest to the city centre. To this end, the Budapest Development Centre has launched a multi-element transport development program.

Parts of this are the 1,500-space P + R parking garages that will be built at the junction of the M3 motorway entrance, Hungária Boulevard and Mexikói Road. The design contract for the high-capacity parking garages was signed today by the Budapest Development Centre (BFK) and the winner of the tender, Középülettervező Zrt.

Planned developments at the northern border of City Park, next to Mexikói Road (Source: Budapest Development Centre)

The creation of parking garages is organically connected to the renewal and greening of traffic in the area, the investment is a necessary condition for the car-free City Park, as well as for the traffic calming of the city centre - it can be read on the BFK website. Those entering the institutions of the City Park, such as the Zoo, will also be able to park in the P + R parking garages on Mexican Road on the northern border of the City Park. It is planned that commuters will be able to leave their cars in the parking garages on weekdays, and visitors of the City Park can use them on weekends and during major events.

The planning work will last until the summer of 2023, the necessary resources will be financed from the central budget - writes BFK.

Another element of the transport development concept is the new Pest overpass passing over the Rákosrendező railway station, the design of which has already begun.


Cover photo: Heroes' Square and Kós Károly Promenade without cars (Photo: Balázs Both/ 

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