District V

193744_293125729_351494380494603_996994221212053927_n.jpg The renovation of the former Merlin Theater building begins The renovation of the former downtown transformer house in the courtyard of the City Hall, the former Merlin Theater building, will begin soon. After the works are completed next year, the building will reopen as a cultural and community space.
The southern part of Váci street will be renewed In the southern part of Váci street, 12 leafy trees are planted, street furniture, benches, bicycle supports are installed, and the Lajtha well is put into operation. The connecting small streets will also be renovated. The work started in June and continues in stages.
The archaeologists found a village in the city center from the 13th century, and the excavation is now continuing Archaeologists last worked 25 years ago in the courtyard of the downtown Károlyi Palace, under 16 Károlyi street, on the site of the home of the Petőfi Literary Museum. At that time, among other things, an 11th-12th century cemetery, 23 graves, a 13th century village and the stone cellar and food storage of a Turkish house were excavated. Excavations are now continuing again.
The Wall of the Deaf Olympic Champions was inaugurated in the Olympic Park A wall containing the names of 62 Hungarian hearing-impaired athletes has been placed in the downtown Olympic Park.
Two more of Molnár-C. Paul’s work can be found in the downtown parish church Two more of Molnár-C. Paul's two more paintings were placed in the Budapest-Downtown Parish Church on Thursday. Earlier, he also made the crucifix hanging above the sanctuary and the main altarpiece, as they were destroyed in World War II.
The first section of downtown Arany János Street has been renewed The renovation of the first section of Arany János Street in the 5th district has been completed. During the reconstruction of the part between the Széchenyi embankment and Tüköry Street, a lot of plants were planted, including many trees, and the street was enriched with bicycle storage, new street furniture, widened sidewalks and a street drinking fountain. Renovation of the second section of Arany János Street, leading to Podmaniczky Square, is expected to begin in March.

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