At the ceremony on Tuesday, the wall containing the names of 62 Hungarian hearing-impaired athletes was unveiled by Emese Balogh-Madár, Deputy Mayor of the 5th District, Gergely Tapolczai, President of the Hungarian Association of the Hearing Impaired and László Szabó, President of the Hungarian Paralympic Committee.

Emese Balogh-Madár emphasized that the park is a real community space, where everyone can find a suitable place to spend their free time, but also a memorial park. “We, the people of downtown, are proud to have created a place of remembrance that pays homage to the achievements of Hungarian sports successes, Olympians, Paralympics and now Deaf Olympians. One by one, the names of athletes who have proved that any goal can be achieved by fighting with faith, dedication and soul will appear on the plaque. They are role models for talent, perseverance, human greatness, willpower and struggle, ”the deputy mayor explained.

 The memorial walls in the Olympic Park in the 5th district show the success of the Hungarian sports, the performance of the Olympians, Paralympians and now the Deaf Olympians (Photo: Google)

Gergely Tapolczai emphasized that the deaf sports society had been waiting for this moment for a long time. He recalled that the second day of Hungarian deaf sports was held every year in June, the first Hungarian gold was born in 1928 at the deaf limpsies held since 1924, and since then Hungarian athletes have won a total of 53 gold medals in six sports.

“ On the wall are the names of sixty-two hearing-impaired athletes who have won glory to Hungary in addition to the gold-medal intact and parasol athletes. I am confident that in the near future, in the coming decades, the list of all three walls will be longer and longer, ”said the president of the Hungarian Association of the Hearing Impaired. He pointed out that the 24th Deaf Olympics in Caxias do Sul, Brazil, ended two weeks ago, where the Hungarian delegation closed with eight medals: it was the most successful performance in terms of podium places with four silver and bronze medals since the 1973 Malmö Games. The delegation returned home with 12 medals.

In Brazil, the sports shooter Míra Biatovszki proved to be the most successful athlete of the team with a silver and two bronze medals. in the third closed issue of the floating Orsolya Zsilinszki.

A global army review for the hearing impaired is held every four years.

Source: MTI

Cover photo: Gergely Tapolczai, President of the Hungarian Association of the Sports Deaf, László Szabó, Chairman of the Hungarian Paralympic Committee and Emese Balogh-Madár, Deputy Mayor of District V at the inauguration of the Tamás Kovács)

Forrás: MTI

Nyitókép: Tapolczai Gergely, a Magyar Halássérültek Sportszövetségének elnöke, Szabó László, a Magyar Paralimpiai Bizottság elnöke és Balogh-Madár Emese, az V. kerület alpolgármestere a 62 magyar hallássérült sportoló nevét tartalmazó Siketlimpiai Bajnokok Falának avatóünnepségén a fővárosi Olimpia Parkban (Fotó: MTI/Kovács Tamás)