The part of Arany János Street in the 5th district between Széchenyi embankment and Tüköry Street was renewed, during the development the street was enriched with 33 new trees and 8 bush trees, 1,200 perennial and annual plants, bicycle storage, new street furniture, pedestrian-friendly sidewalks and a street drinking fountain - the downtown local council told MTI on Friday.

They reminded that in Arany János Street, where there was no significant green space before, the renovation is taking place in two phases; The first section, which has now been handed over, between Széchenyi Quay and Tüköry Street, started in early July 2021. In the second phase, which is scheduled to start in March 2022, the entire Arany János street will be renovated from Nádor street to Podmaniczky square, thus connecting the Danube with the imposing space of the city center, which was transformed into a small forest with 82 new trees in 2019.

The trees planted in Arany János Street were planted with three different technologies - traditionally, with a root cell system and the so-called Stockholm method - as a result of the replacement of utilities on the entire section of the street. It was written that each tree planted was, as usual in downtown investments, a large, repeatedly trained, 30-35 centimeter trunk diameter, urban-tolerant variety. 8 bush trees and more than 1,200 perennials were planted in plant cassettes, for the maintenance of which an irrigation network was built.

The widened pedestrian-friendly sidewalk, the roadway and the tidy parking lane have also been given natural stone paving. Benches, bike racks, rubbish bins and a street drinking fountain were also displayed. The new street is now barrier-free, with car traffic on par with pedestrians. Existing lamp heads have been replaced with state-of-the-art LEDs.

During the entire development, the 5th District local council will plant about a hundred trees in the renewable Arany János Street.

Source: MTI

Cover photo: A section of Arany János utca has been renewed (Photo: Péter Szentgyörgyvölgyi, Mayor's Facebook page)