The entire southern section of Váci street, as well as the small streets leading to the pedestrian street, will be renewed. You can count on the creation of more plant areas, tree planting, the placement of street furniture and the use of natural stone paving - read the 7 July, 2022 issue of Mai Belváros.

As it is written, as part of the municipal renovation, the sidewalks in Váci street between Duna street and Irányi street, the wall-to-wall section of Váci street between Irányi street and Fővám square, and Nyáry Pál street (between Váci street and Molnár street ), Pintér street, Sörház street (between Váci street and Belgrád wharf), Havas street (between Váci street and Belgrád wharf), and the Váci street junctions of the streets connected to Váci street from the north (Nyáry Pál, Szerb and Sarka Street) will be renewed.

The article also reveals that 12 leafy trees will be planted in Váci Street in the south, and mini urban oases will be created in the small spaces at the mouths of the connecting streets with 16 trees and perennials planted in planters. The Lajtha well will be renovated and put into operation, and several benches and bike racks will be installed.

The Lajtha well located at the corner of Váci utca and Havas utca will also be put into operation during the renovation (Source: Google Map)

The construction works are carried out by street section, the investment started on the east side of the sidewalk section between Duna street and Irányi street in mid-June. From 11 July, in Nyáry Pál street (on the section between Váci street and Molnár street), as well as 47 Váci street and 44–48 Váci street renovation continues.

Source: Mai Belváros, issue 7 July, 2022

Cover photo: Scenic plan for the renewed Váci Street in the south (Source: