hospital development

2022. május 13. 21:00
A new four-storey wing will be added to the Városmajor Cardiology and Vascular Clinic on the site below 70 Városmajor Street, where the Diagnostic Center will be located. The new and old blocks of the clinic are planned to be connected by a bridge.
2022. május 11. 21:00
The Károlyi Sándor Hospital in Újpest will be expanded with a new part of the building. In addition to the construction of the new seven-storey wing, the main building of the hospital, designed by Miklós Ybl, will also be renovated, but a building deemed dangerous will also be demolished in the area.
2022. február 3. 19:00
Completed in 1942, The new child and adolescent psychiatric rehabilitation ward of St. John's Hospital will be established in the Bauhaus-style Járitz Villa in the 2nd district. The villa was built between 1941 and 1942 according to the plans of the car dealer István Járitz József Fischer, the building once housed luxury apartments.
2021. december 2. 13:00
The tower building of the Kútvölgy block of the New St. John's Hospital and Clinic will be renovated, the total reconstruction will affect 11,000 square meters. This is mainly necessary so that when the construction of the new, modern hospital block of 80,000 square meters begins in the area of St. John's Hospital, the inpatient wards can be relocated here, ensuring the uninterrupted care of the people of Buda.