hospital renovation

2022. április 2. 16:00
The exterior facade of the Kútvölgyi Hospital was renewed, the doors and windows of the tower building were replaced, and the cooling and heating system was also modernized. At the same time, internal renovation work is already underway.
2021. december 2. 13:00
The tower building of the Kútvölgy block of the New St. John's Hospital and Clinic will be renovated, the total reconstruction will affect 11,000 square meters. This is mainly necessary so that when the construction of the new, modern hospital block of 80,000 square meters begins in the area of St. John's Hospital, the inpatient wards can be relocated here, ensuring the uninterrupted care of the people of Buda.
2021. június 1. 16:00
The Kútvölgyi Wing of the Új Szent János Hospital, commonly known as the Kútvölgyi Hospital, will be strengthened, and the previously discontinued facade renovation will be continued. The doors and windows will be replaced during the works, and new thermal insulation and air conditioners will be installed. Renovation of the block is scheduled to be completed later this year.
2021. április 26. 14:00
Reconstruction works underway since 2019 in the Mazsihisz Charity Hospital (Szeretetkórház) have continued with the renovation of block no. 2. The future central building will house outpatient care and a 60-bed rehabilitation department. Work is expected to be finished next year. The new tower of the unique building on Amerikai Road is already visible and will be completed within weeks.