191608_nyitokep.jpg Downtown has been enriched with a running circle A running circle has been set up around downtown Olympic Park. The new running circle awaits those wishing to run with a solar-powered speed indicator board with LED display, stretch railings, a safe and a drinking fountain.
The first Hungarian international football match was played at the Millenáris in Zugló - The field called the cradle of Hungarian sports is 125 years old Today, when it comes to the Millenáris everyone thinks of the popular Buda park, although the Pest side also has its own Millenáris. The Millenáris in Zugló, which is the first sports field in Budapest, has been operating for 125 years, and many also refer to it as the cradle of Hungarian competitive sports. The tilted winding cycling track, the velodrome, was already one of the most modern tracks of its time when it was built, after its reconstruction in 1927, tens of thousand supporters flooded the grandstand during the world championship organized here. The first public international football match in Hungary was held here.
Running track added to Rózsakert Sport Centre A sport-focused development in Budafok-Tétény has been completed. A running track has been added to the Rózsakerti Sports Centre and an ice skating tent is also being set up.
Novelties to fill new campus of University of Physical Education Building permits have been issued for the new buildings of the University of Physical Education. The development will include an indoor swimming pool, an athletics hall, halls of residence for four hundred students, and a sports field on its roof. The Hauszmann historical garden will also be rebuilt and opened to the public.
Old building of the University of Physical Education being demolished The demolition of the university building on Alkotás Street began recently, as the development of the campus enclosed by Alkotás street – Győri Road – Kis János Altábornagy Road continues. The new campus will offer students and educators a proper university environment to work and study in.

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