As previously reported, the largest campus development in Budapest is underway in the 12th District on a plot bordered by Alkotás Street – Győri Road - Kiss János Altábornagy Street. The area housing the University of Physical Education will be renovated in several phases. In a few years, it will become a more livable, greener part of the city.

Visual of the new building of the University of Physical Education, the new campus is being built in the 12th District (Source:

Visual of the facade on Alkotás Street (Source:

A building permit was issued for the buildings designed by TSPC for the University on Alkotás Street in the first week of December. The block includes a variety of sports facilities, including a 50-metre indoor swimming pool, an indoor athletics hall, a gym, spaces for ball games, a shooting range, and halls of residence for 400 students.

During the construction of the buildings, the historical garden will also be rebuilt. The garden will be open to the public as well as the students and faculty of the university.


The historical garden is set to become a recreational area (Source:

The most spectacular element of the campus will be the sports equipment architects have designed for the roof. The largest roof terrace in Budapest, covering 9,000 square metres, will house a 320-metre running track, an open-air workout park, a small garden and a café terrace.

The building on Alkotás Street will be covered with a delicate concrete facade. The cladding will include perforated and embossed elements. The designers intended for the perforation running around the building as a shell to suggest openness and transparency. The stonework is most open facing Alkotás Street and closes up slightly moving towards Győri Road. Passers-by on Alkotás Street will also be able to glance into the swimming pool and the athletics hall.

A running track, an outdoor workout park, a small garden and a café terrace on the roof (Source:

Plans are for the Hauszmann Historic Garden to become a cosy and green area for relaxation on campus. The sheltered garden will be guarded by the 13-meter-high wall of the athletics hall. The designers decided to “continue” the historical element visually, with the unique addition of a vertical garden. The huge 66-metres-long and 7.5-metres-high wall will turn green with the help of landscape architects and garden designers.

Over 78.000 square metres of the University of Physical Education are to be renovated in several phases. The construction of the athletic hall and multi-sports hall on Csörsz Street is already underway. The project is a significant educational investment on a regional level that will support students and faculty in completing their best work.  

The swimming pool has been designed according to the official FINA rating, thus it will be suitable for competitions. However, this is not the goal of the design concept,  but rather to allow athletes to prepare for competitions in conditions similar to those they will see at races.

Hungary's first closed athletics hall, in which TV-broadcasting technologies are also being implemented, will be built on the campus. A 200-metre running track will be available inside the building. The halls dedicated to different sports will stand one on top of the other in the various floors of the building. Spaces for combat sports (karate, judo, wrestling and boxing) will be housed above the gymnastics hall. Two handball courts stand above the basketball hall, which itself created a challenge during design.

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