2021. július 21. 11:00
After the Second World War, many synagogues were left without congregations in Hungary. Ecclesiastical buildings left empty in several parts of the country were either demolished and their building materials used to renovate, rebuild other buildings, or were given other functions. The building of the synagogue on Dózsa György Road has not been demolished, it is still in communal use today - but differently than before.
2021. június 10. 16:00
The renovated Rumbach Sebestyén Street Synagogue was opened as a renewed sacred, communal and cultural space. The synagogue, built in 1872 according to the plans of Otto Wagner, stood empty for decades, and its reconstruction was completed last year.
2020. november 26. 10:00
In a recent article, PestBuda honoured the memory of Béla Lajta. One of the leading Hungarian architects of the early 20th century, Lajta played a definitive role in the formation of Budapest in the period. Continuing a series in honour of the centenary of his death, join us on a tour of his sacred art in the Jewish cemeteries of Salgótarjáni Street and Kozma Street.
2020. november 2. 16:00
Preparations for the excavation of the Great Synagogue of Buda Castle are underway near 21–23 Táncsics Street. A synagogue was among Europe's largest Jewish halls of worship and was built during the reign of King Matthias and stood until 1686. Beyond preservation, the excavation hopes to ensure visitation to the runes.
2020. szeptember 12. 00:00
New synagogue opened at the Alma Street orthodox Jewish Retirement Home in the 12th District