Főkert Nonprofit Zrt.

2022. február 3. 14:00
Sixteen trees will be cut down in the Erzsébet Szilágyi alley by the staff of Főkert, but 32 new specimens will be planted in their place and in the place of the specimens that were also felled in the autumn. During the tree renovation works, which started last autumn and will continue from January to March this year, a total of 367 trees require some kind of intervention in the Erzsébet Szilágyi alley on the border of the 2nd and 12th district.
2020. december 4. 18:00
The Kaptató Promenade sports and leisure park has opened in Gazdagrét in the 11th District. The park features a larger green area, an outdoor workout area, a dog park and a chess table.
2020. november 20. 14:00
Starting from Jászai Mari Square and moving north a total of 105 elderly acacia trees will be felled and 161 common maples planted. The maple is indigenous, can cope well with urban environments and grows lush foliage within a few years.
2020. november 3. 15:00
Gardening works started yesterday along Andrássy Avenue. A total of 4,500 perennial plants and 16 new trees will be planted between Oktogon and Vörösmarty Street.