Work between Oktogon and Vörösmarty Street began on 2 November. FŐKERT NONPROFIT ZRT. will plant 4,500 perennial plants and 16 trees on the two sides of the road – writes Főkert. As the roots of trees on the section are very close to ground level and cannot be harmed the work will be carried out with a great deal of care. As a result, pavement and lane closures are to be expected on the route.

A total of 16 new trees will be planted on Andrássy Avenue (Photo: Balázs Both/

The astroturf below the trees will be removed, after this "he soil level has to be raised 10–20 centimetres, as the roots of the ash trees along the road are close to the surface" – writes The dead ash trees will be replaced with hackberry trees, as these are more resistant to the unfriendly urban environment, as can be seen between Oktogon and Bajcsy-Zsilinszky Road.

Astroturf between the trees is to be removed, and dead trees replaced (Photo:

Source: Főkert,

Cover photo: section of Andrássy Avenue being renovated (Photo: Főkert)