Trees lining Újpest Embankment to be refreshed

Hungarian version of the article: Megújul az újpesti rakpart fasora

November 20, 2020 at 2:00 PM

Starting from Jászai Mari Square and moving north a total of 105 elderly acacia trees will be felled and 161 common maples planted. The maple is indigenous, can cope well with urban environments and grows lush foliage within a few years.

Work to refresh the trees lining the Újpest Embankment have gebun through the cooperation of Főkert Zrt and Kerületi Kötszolgáltató Zrt – writes

Currently 219 mostly elderly, dyeing acacia trees line the embankment. Their replacement is necessary not only to ensure public safety but the long-term survival of the tree line.

161 per-grown common maples, indigenous to Hungary, will be planted in place of the old or damaged trees (Photo: Google Maps)

The first step of the process was to survey and examine each tree currently found along the road. These inspections show that nearly half of the trees along the route are either extremely elderly or severely weakened. The trees to be felled are either rotting near their roots or at the base of the foliage. Their many branches are usually also damaged, while the trunks of several have split or have been hollowed out.

Twenty-eight stumps and 19 empty spaces indicate trees that have died or been felled in recent years. These stumps will also be removed while the other trees are cut down. Further care and pruning work are necessary on the trees that will remain; these will also be completed.

Work on refreshing the trees on the Újpest Embankment has begun (Photo:

A total of 161 pre-grown maple trees will replace the felled trees. The common maple is easy to grow, resistant, tolerates droughts and urban environments well. The trees will also provide foliage similar to that of the current tress in 2–3 years. Nine uniquely resistant elm trees will also be planted in the dog park within Szent István Park.

As the works are being carried out on a large area, the process has been divided into four phases: Jászai Mari Square to Szent István Park on November 16–19; 2–24 Újpest Embankment 19–26 November; 24–38 Újpest Embankment November 26–December 2; and December 2–5 within the dog park.

Traffic, parking and access to the dog park may be limited in the affected areas on weekdays between 7:00 and 17:00.


Cover photo: Trees along Újpest Embankment to be renewed (Photo:

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