Keleti Railway Station

190324_pannonia_vagott.jpg The connection between Nyugati and Déli Railway Stations was also planned in the 19th century - now it is made underground In recent years, the idea has emerged to connect the Déli and Nyugati Railway Stations with a tunnel. The plan of the Budapest Development Centre is now one step closer to implementation, as a contract has been signed for the preparation of an environmental impact assessment of the connecting railway tunnel to be built under the Danube. The idea of connecting the Déli [Southern] and Nyugati [Western] Railway Stations, which are relatively close to each other, is not a new idea. It arose almost immediately after the opening of the Déli Railway Station in 1861, although an overground connection was still imagined at the time.
Who put the country on the train - Budapest owes a lot to Gábor Baross, former Minister of Transport Gábor Baross, who was Minister of Transport for only 6 years, was appointed 135 years ago. He was the one who put the country on the train: by establishing cheap rail travel, it made Budapest accessible to low-income country people, helping the development of the capital a lot.
Construction of passenger centre in Keleti Railway Station begins The construction of the passenger centre in the 137-year-old Keleti Railway Station, which serves nearly 11 million passengers a year, has begun. The development will greatly increase passenger comfort, bring international and domestic ticket sales into the same hall, while new escalators and lifts will make the centre easily accessible.
Construction of passenger centre in Keleti railway station begins The passenger centre's construction in the 137-year-old Keleti Railway Station, which serves 11 million passengers each year, is set to begin. The station's underpass section will be completely redesigned, and passenger access to the station will be easier with new escalators and lifts. The project will increase passenger comfort and is expected to be completed towards the end of this year.
Plans to develop surroundings of Keleti Railway Station A real estate development program will be launched in the area around Keleti Railway Station. Government to provide 800 million HUF towards preparations.

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