The government has decided to allow private developers to utilize the buildings that can be withdrawn from rail connected activities around the Keleti Railway Station. The decision was passed last year and published in the 29 December issue of the Hungarian Official Gazette.

Government decision 2036/2020. (XII) 29.) states that these properties lie to the north and east of the station, in the area bordered by Verseny Street and Dózsa György Road and applies to areas along the border that are no longer needed to ensure rail transport.

The decision states that the long-term use of these properties should be examined based on a market-driven development plan.

The decision requires MÁV Zrt. to prepare a feasibility study and plan of the project (or have one prepared) until 30 November 2021. In light of this Minister without Portfolio for the Development of Public Assets will bring recommendations to the government for the utilisation of the properties and clarifying their ownership until 15 December 2021. 

Baross Square in 1900 (Photo: Fortepan, Budapest Archives. Reference no.: HU.Bfl.xv.19.d.1.08.034)

The government decision states that MÁV will receive 800 million HUF to prepare a detailed feasibility study and plan.

Opening photo: The Keleti Railway Station and Baross Square today (Photo: Balázs/