Margit Boulevard

185504_kombo_ny.jpg Pestbuda recalls how much Budapest has changed in 100 years with 6 interesting pairs of pictures It is always exciting to follow the change, especially when it comes to Budapest. Old photos faithfully document what a house, street or square in the capital used to be like. With their help we can recall the former Haas Palace in Gizella Square, marvel at how - in the 1880s and 1890s - barren the Rózsadomb was, and today's Margit Boulevard were more like the streets of a small town. Factories stood on the banks of the Danube in Pest, next to the Parliament building under construction.
The story of four hundred graves – Archaeological excavation on Margit Boulevard comes to an end The excavation on a plot at the corner of Margit Boulevard and Rómer Flóris Street has been completed. Archaeologists uncovered many Bronze Age and Roman items and artefacts from the Ottoman Period, as well as four hundred graves.
Built in an uninhabited area, houses now surround the 250-year-old Franciscan church Augustinian Friars built the baroque church and monastery in the previously uninhabited area of what is today Buda. In 1785 the complex passed on to the Franciscan Order, who expanded the original building. Residential buildings have since surrounded the Franciscan church. Nevertheless, the walls have survived the vicissitudes of history and continue to offer peace to their community.
A new Margit Boulevard in the works – Cultural district planned in 2nd District The 2nd District local council is looking to redefine Margit Boulevard as a cultural centre to repopularise the one lively area of the city. Architects and local businesses are involved in the planning process.
A modern cinema for Buda – Atrium Movie Theatre completed 85 years ago Átrium was a unique cinema in every respect. It differed from the others in Budapest not only because of its modern building but also in how it was operated. The elegant new auditorium seated 800 people and offered a new quality in both sound and elegance when opened in 1935.
Graves from the Ottman-era and medieval walls found on Margit Boulevard A cemetery from the Ottoman-era has been found during excavation under 19–21 Margit Boulevard. Archaeologists are now searching for the walls of the houses of Felhévíz.

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