The goal of the project is to fill the inner-city area of Buda with social initiatives that serve local residents – writes, the official District website. At a sitting of the council on 29 October a resolution to begin development of the "Margit Quarter cultural and community district" was passed.

The local council's statement highlights that the project aims to revitalise the once-popular area of Buda, accelerate development in the area, and fill the gate to Buda with new life.

Third-party experts are to be involved in planning, including architects, cultural and artistic professionals, NGOs and local businesses. The aim is to draw innovative SMBs to the area, alongside high-quality service and hospitality providers.

Properties owned by the council will be made available to cultural and local organisations through tenders, an external advisory board will aid the process. The project is open to all interested parties who wish to contribute, and the council will be receiving applications from the beginning of November on the email address


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