Archaeological excavations have begun on the plot on the corner of Margit Boulevard and Rómer Flóris Street, which was once part of the large Muslim cemetery of Buda – report the archaeology website of the Budapest History Museum,

Work began with the processing of the Ottoman-era graves. The plot is soon to house an office building, but the graves were identified when the school sports hall on the land was demolished.

Graves from the Ottoman-era found on 19–21 Margit Boulevard (Photo:

Depictions from the time show that the cemetery was enormous, and included the Tomb of Gül Baba, and the lost monument of Balı Bey, which may have stood in the region of Mechwart Square. The graves found are, according to Muslim custom, do not contain personal items, and even items of wear are missing.

On the part of the plot toward the road on a deeper level, the remnants of medieval walls have also been found. These buildings were likely a part of the Fehévíz medieval settlement. The centre of the village was near what is today the Bem Cinema, and a road ran from there to the castle gate in an are similar to that of Margit Boulevard today.

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Cover photo: Ottoman-era graves found in Buda (Photo: