2021. július 22. 16:00
Hild Square and its surroundings will be modernized in the 5th District: the playground and public lighting will be renovated and also a small one-storey building for toilets will be built.
2021. június 29. 14:00
The community space recently inaugurated on Drégelyvár Street in Újpalota provides entertainment for younger children and the elderly. The 15th District local council renovated the neglected park.
2021. június 2. 19:00
The renovation of the jungle playground in Gazdagrét will be completed by the summer. The old, worn toys will be replaced with new ones, with plants added to the space.
2021. május 4. 14:00
The surroundings of Puskás Arena have been revitalised. A new public park awaits visitors with huge green areas, playgrounds, a running track and sports fields. After the European Football Championship, even more sports fields will be built in the area.
2021. február 1. 17:00
The renovation of the playground on Meggyfa Street in the 3rd District will begin at the beginning of February. New games will be installed, plants added, and safe paving laid. A drinking fountain and a 3D hopscotch game are also part of the plans. Work is expected to take two months.
2020. július 20. 14:00
In the playground on Gellért Hill, children would once quench their thirst at a fountain that depicted Cinderella. So in the 1920s, Budapest decided to order several fountains and statues depicting famous characters from stories. The goal was to ensure that the fountains would not only quench children's thirst but support their aesthetic sense.