According to the plans, the large-scale renovation of the Hild Square playground (5th District, the area bounded by Mérleg Street, Október 6 Street and József Attila Street) will begin in mid-September, as well as the development of the whole square and its immediate surroundings, reports Mai Belváros.

The Hild Square playground in the 5th District will be completely renovated

As it is written, on the initiative of the mayor, the 5th District local council took over the operational tasks of the then dilapidated, neglected, and accident-prone playground from the Budapest City Council in October 2021. In November last year, the interventions necessary for proper use, and a quick renovation were carried out to ensure the safe use of the playground equipment. Now, starting in mid-September, they will begin the complete renovation of Hild Square and its surroundings, for which many public opinions and suggestions have been received.

The paper also reports that, according to the plans, soil replacement will be carried out on the square. Particular attention is paid to the protection of the existing trees, because the roots of these trees are located below the surface of the square, reaching into the basement system of the former Budapest Telephone Exchange.

Scenic view of the entrance to the Hild Square playground (Photo:

During the renovation of the square and the playground, many trees, perennials and annual plants will be planted, significantly increasing the proportion of the green surface. The street section between the building at 12 József Attila Street and Hild Square will be made pedestrian. The playground will be completely renovated, as well as the public areas connected to the square and a small section of Mérleg Street (trees will also be planted here). Accessible and public washrooms will also be built, a child-friendly drinking fountain, a humidifier, ping-pong table, new benches, bike racks and waste bins will be installed, as well as public lighting will be renewed - they report on the details.

The works will begin on 15 September and are expected to last a year, reports Mai Belváros.

Cover photo: The Hild Square playground in 2021 (Photo: