Renovation of Hild Square in the Inner City

Hungarian version of the article: Felújítják a belvárosi Hild teret

July 22, 2021 at 4:00 PM

Hild Square and its surroundings will be modernized in the 5th District: the playground and public lighting will be renovated and also a small one-storey building for toilets will be built.

The results of the design procurement for the renovation and development of the Hild Square playground (1051 Budapest, 3 Október 6. Street) and its surroundings were published in the EU public procurement notice, which was published by the 5th District local council on 21 July. According to the document, within the framework of the investment, the playground in Hild Square will be modernized and renovated, at the same time the renovation of the public areas connected to the space and  a small section of Mérleg Street are planned.

According to the announcement, the playground on Hild Square will receive a new, modern look and equipment. The roadway and pedestrian surfaces will be leveled for accessibility and will receive a new natural stone pavement.

The playground in 2020 (Photo: Google maps)

It is also clear from the plans that a one-storey building with toilets and a changing table will also be planned for the visitors of the playground. Existing public lighting is also being developed, with candelabras designed so that their light is not disturbed by the windows of adjacent buildings. Trees that provide additional shade will also be planted in the already well-planted area. 

The curbs and anti-parking elements will be renovated, together with the modernization of the surface drainage, the surface elements of the utilities (drains, covers, hydrants, etc.) will be leveled and replaced if necessary. 

According to the notification, the investment will cost 27,584,842 HUF (excluding VAT). 

Cover Photo: Hild Square playground, 5th District, 3 Október 6. Street

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