A gym will be built next to the athletic stadium on Csepel Island

Hungarian version of the article: Edzőcsarnok épül az atlétikai stadion mellé a Csepel-szigeten

January 19, 2022 at 2:00 PM

A hall of approximately 12,000 square meters will be built on the northern tip of Csepel Island as part of the National Athletics Center. The gym will provide daily training opportunities for both amateur and professional athletes, but will also be suitable for competitions. There will also be a public park around the hall.

The design of an indoor athletics gym in Csepel as part of the National Athletics Center can begin. According to the EU Public Procurement Notice, KÖZTI won the full general design duties of the facility. 

The hall will be located on the western side of the northern tip of Csepel Island, in the area bounded by the road section connected to the Danube River - Soroksári Danube Branch - Weiss Manfréd street - New Danube Bridge, owned by the Hungarian state and the local council of Budapest.

According to the information, the indoor, multifunctional sports hall will provide year-round training opportunities in athletics as part of the Southern City Gate Development Program. Along with the outdoor training grounds, in addition to the competitive athletes, it will also serve the hobby athletes who like the capital's population and athletics.

The Athletics Hall is part of the Southern City Gate Development Program (Source: EU Public Procurement Notice)


The facility will be built in the area west of the Athletic Outdoor Training Grounds planned for North Csepel and the new Csepel Public Park, which is already being planned, after the World Championships. According to the tender, the tenderer expects the winning bidder to use appropriate design, ensure good value for money, maximize efficiency, ensure safe use, as well as solutions that guarantee the highest quality sports facilities, and the unique image of the facility.

The approximately 12,000-square-foot hall will provide a training ground for amateur and professional athletes, but will also be suitable for competitions. It also houses a six-lane, 200-meter, World Athletics-compliant running track and associated running, throwing and jumping facilities.

Hall design area (Source: procurement documentation)

In addition, there will be a 100-meter, 6-lane, straight running track in the facility. The stand (which is guaranteed to have a good view of the track) will have 1,200 seats with mobile pull-out stands.

In addition to the design of sports service areas (changing rooms, first aid and physiotherapy rooms, other service areas, multifunctional areas, etc.), the designer must provide adequate public space for the expected maximum number of spectators, including washbasins, buffets and other points of sale, information points . And the acoustics of the room should be suitable for a variety of events. As a training area, it is important to use natural light and save energy.

An area of about 3.6 hectares is available for the construction of the building, where the existing buildings will be demolished.  The designer must create a public park within the plot.

The total net value of the investment is HUF 488,000,000.

Source: EU Public Procurement Notice

Cover photo: Athletics gym to be built on Csepel Island as part of the Hungarian Athletics Center (Visual design: MTI) 


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