197696_329593969_933023324387374_3437043244413750438_n_1_.jpg The renovation of Nyugati Railway Station continues with spectacular developments In addition to the renovation of the north-west tower on the Teréz Boulevard facade of the Nyugati Railway Station, work will also begin on the south-east tower. The protective roof in front of the renewed facade is expected to be demolished in autumn.
The Marble Hall in Nyugati was handed over, a significant part of the roof was completed The renovation of the roof structure of the 145-year-old Nyugati (Western) Railway Station began in the spring of 2020 and the reconstruction of important parts of the building complex has now been completed. The roof is completed over the Marble Hall, the international waiting room, the former ABC, the Cegléd Corridor and the office wing facing Nyugati Square. In addition, passengers can now use the renovated Marble Hall and the Cegléd Corridor.
A railway carriage got out of control and ended up on the Outer Ring Road Sixty years ago, on 4 October 1962, a railway carriage tore through the buffer stop of the main hall of the Nyugati (Western) Railway Station, breaking through the glass wall and running onto the Outer Ring Road. The accident was caused by human error, but thanks to the presence of mind of a railwayman, there was no mass catastrophe.
By train to Pest and Buda - Until the Compromise, only private railways operated in the country Today, it is natural to get on the train or plane and get anywhere in the world from Budapest. However, it was quite different a century and a half ago. Let's see where someone could travel from Pest or Buda by train 155 years ago, in the year of the Compromise!
Renovation of Nyugati Railway Station to be completed by September Plaster repairs are currently underway in the Nyugati Railway Station as other parts of the facade are being painted. The doors and windows will be modernised, and the clocks on the glass walls towards Teréz körút and the facade on Eiffel Square will also be renewed. The renovation of the towers towards the track entrance has been completed. The decorative windows have been installed, and the old artificial slate covering has been replaced with a natural anthracite slate. The crown on the boulevard facade of the railway station was also repainted in the same colour as the steel structure of the roof. Passengers will return to the hall in September.
Construction of passenger centre in Keleti Railway Station begins The construction of the passenger centre in the 137-year-old Keleti Railway Station, which serves nearly 11 million passengers a year, has begun. The development will greatly increase passenger comfort, bring international and domestic ticket sales into the same hall, while new escalators and lifts will make the centre easily accessible.
Renovation of Nyugati Railway Station's roof completed The new roof structure of Nyugati Railway Station has been completed, and four of the 6 spires around the building have been restored. However, work continues, in other parts of the building, such as the cash register hall, the fast-food restaurant, the facades and towers of which will also be restored.
Construction of passenger centre in Keleti railway station begins The passenger centre's construction in the 137-year-old Keleti Railway Station, which serves 11 million passengers each year, is set to begin. The station's underpass section will be completely redesigned, and passenger access to the station will be easier with new escalators and lifts. The project will increase passenger comfort and is expected to be completed towards the end of this year.
Second spire of Nyugati Railway Station hoisted into position The renovation of the 8,200-square-metre roof of Nyugati, or Western Railway Station has reached its second major milestone. The spire of the tower near track 13 has been raised into place. In the meantime, the installation of new planes of glass into the roof and the renovation of its supporting structure are also in progress.
First renovated spire of Western Railway Station completed Renovation of the 8,200 square metre roof of Nyugati Pályaudvar, the Western Railway Station has reached a spectacular stage. The first of the spires for the towers on the rear facade has been raised into place. Meanwhile, the new glass panels of the roof are being installed, and the roof structures of the towers on the main facade toward Teréz Boulevard are being removed.

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