The reconstruction of the roof structure of the main hall of Nyugati Railway Station has been completed. The 26-meter-high scaffolding inside the building has been demolished as other construction works continue – reads a statement published on the MÁV website. Currently, specialists are working on the shell, as restorers recreate the main ledge. A new lighting system is also being installed in the hall. As glazing of the new lighting fixtures has been completed, work will continue to fix security glass into the roof.

The roof structure of the station, which opened in 1877, is not only beautiful, it was a technological marvel in its day (Photo: MÁV)

The railway company’s announcement also reveals that four of the six spires have been returned to their original condition. The decorative tin elements of the main facade have been manufactured and are being installed into their respective places.

The first renovated spire was lifted into place last October (Photo: MÁV)

As part of the reconstruction, the main hall's roof, connecting glass structures, the ticket hall, the fast-food restaurant, and the six towers will be renewed covering 8,200 square metres. The glass curtain walls will be completely renewed at both ends of the building, over 2,200 square metres. Rainwater drainage will be partially renovated, and a new passenger information system will be installed, alongside the modernisation of the overhead powerlines in the station.

Detail of the renovated roof structure (Photo: MÁV)

According to the announcement, MÁV will also carry out development to improve the passenger experience through its own investment and state and EU funds. The paving of the entire station will be replaced and a new information system installed. The station's underpass will also be renovated, including a new lighting system, repairs to leaks, and a complete overhaul of the dropped ceiling. 

New roof above the main station hall (Photo: MÁV)

To ensure ease of access for those with limited mobility, the currently non-operational lift between the underpass and the waiting hall near the Vác tracks will be replaced. A new ramp will be built to ensure access from Teréz Boulevard, as agreed with the Heritage Protection Authority. Tactile paving will be laid to guide the visually impaired in the building. The tactile paving will be installed in several phases and will likely be completed in 2022.

Designed by the Austrian architect August de Serres and the office of Gustave Eiffel in Paris, who soared to international fame with the Eiffel Tower, the Nyugati Railway Station, which opened in 1877, was last renovated between 1978 and 1988 and has not undergone major repairs since. 

Cover photo: Main hall of the Nyugati Railway Station with the restored roof (Photo: MÁV)