The renewed Marble Hall and the Cegléd Corridor at Budapest's Nyugati Railway Station were handed over, the Hungarian State Railways (MÁV) communications directorate told MTI on Friday.

The railway company explained: during the reconstruction, the roof structure was renewed in important parts of the 145-year-old Nyugati Railway Station, and the construction of the audio and visual passenger information system was completed. Passengers can use the beautified Marble Hall and the Cegléd Corridor, and the location of the vending machines inside the station has also become more passenger-friendly.

Passenger information monitors and ticket machines help passengers (Photo: MÁV)

The renovation of the roof structure of the complex, which is used by around 18 million people every year, began in the spring of 2020, and was carried out by Magyar Építő Zrt. The roof sections above the Marble Hall, the international waiting room, the former ABC, and the Cegléd Corridor have been renovated. The roof structures of the office wing facing Nyugati Square and the related canopy were also completely renovated.

MÁV drew attention: from now on, passenger information monitors will help those waiting for the train in the Marble Hall, and 12 ticket machines have been installed in the glass hall on the Váci Road side, 8 in the Marble Hall, and 4 in the track hall.

In the Cegléd Corridor leading from the Boulevard to the 14-17th tracks, the stone plinth and the facade glass wall, as well as the steel support structure and cast elements, and the brick surface were also renovated. MÁV announced that the renovations will continue: the renovation work on the Teréz Boulevard facade, the north-west tower, has already started, and the work on the south-east tower can start in January 2023.

The roof section above the Marble Hall, the international waiting room, the former ABC and the Cegléd Corridor was renovated (Photo: MÁV)

The renovation of the false ceiling, lighting and coverings of the cross underpass under tracks 10-13, as well as the parapets of the stair arms leading up from the underpass, are also planned to be completed next year. The out-of-use elevator there will be demolished, and a new, higher-capacity elevator for accessibility will be installed in its place, MÁV explained.

Source: MTI

Cover photo: The Marble Hall and the Cegléd Corridor in Nyugati have been beautified (Photo: MÁV)