2022. február 16. 18:30
Several modern buildings in the 11th district would be placed under local protection by amending the relevant decree in the capital. These are the blocks of the Beloiannisz Telecommunications Factory dated to 1962–1963, the former Vertesz office building handed over in 1963, or the residential building on the corner of Fehérvári road, Eszék street, completed in 1960.
2022. február 16. 15:30
A statue of Lipót Aschner, born 150 years ago, was erected in Újpest. The bronze statue of the sculptor Dávid Tóth, the father of Hungarian light bulb production and development, the flourisher of the Tungsram brand, the president and patron of the Újpest Gymnastics Association (UTE), and the sculptor Dávid Tóth, was placed in Lipót Aschner Square in Újpest.
2022. február 16. 13:30
After a break of five seasons, the Hungarian State Opera House on Andrássy street will reopen on 12 March, now completely renewed. During the large-scale restoration and modernization, the facade of the Neo-Renaissance palace designed by Miklós Ybl was restored, the stage technology was modernized, the acoustics were improved, the orchestral trench was remodeled, and the public utility network of the Opera House was replaced. The house will open with a festive concert under the direction of Domác Plácido, Ádám Medveczky, Gergely Kesselyák and Balázs Kocsár.
2022. február 16. 10:00
Today, we cannot imagine the misery of the people of Pest in certain parts of the city before the unification of the city. Nor was it rare, according to statistics from 150 years ago, for several families to live in a single room. Those living in a room crowded with 6 to 10 people died sooner, and the average life expectancy, even in the best parts of downtown, was less than 26 years. PestBuda's article reveals that the misery was great, especially in Ferencváros and Józsefváros, but the situation did not improve in the other districts of the capital for a long time.
2022. február 15. 19:00
From now on, the National Museum will hold at least two exhibitions a year in the Castle Garden Bazaar in co-operation with the Várkapitányság. The exhibition entitled The Hungarian Bride will be held in two locations, in the Museum building and in the Castle Garden Bazaar.
2022. február 15. 14:00
The exhibition of the history of science entitled The Dreamers of Dreams 20 - World-Speaking Hungarians, Hungarian Inventions will be presented on the Millenáris from 6,000 square meters on a 1.5-kilometer route. The history of Hungarian transport, medicine and life sciences, infocommunication come to life, but visitors can also learn about significant Hungarian developments in the industrial and energy sectors. The aim of the exhibition is to show that Hungarians were not only successful in the past, but still have these qualities.
2022. február 15. 10:00
Modern food supply was one of the important factors in the development of Budapest into a world city. City management found it essential to have indoor, health-friendly stalls, constantly monitored inventory, fixed prices, and fixed opening hours, but little or no open-air markets could meet these conditions. The market halls were designed to regulate all this: the Central Market Hall on Fővám Square, the Rákóczi Square, the Klauzál Square, the Hunyadi Square and the Hold Street Market opened on 15 February 1897, just 125 years ago.
2022. február 14. 17:00
Although several locations in Újbuda were mentioned, in the vote that has just ended, more than 50 percent of voters have chosen to have the park around the Bottomless Lake named after Mari Törőcsik in the future. The actress, who died in 2021, lived in the 11th district, and in 2016 he was awarded the title of honorary citizen. However, in order for the park around the Bottomless Lake to take the name of Mari Törőcsik, it is still necessary for the decision of the district representative body and the approval of the General Assembly of the Capital City.
2022. február 13. 11:00
We signed a contract with the Moon for the lighting of the Chain Bridge: this is how the front page of a funny paper complained in in the middle of the 19th century that the visibility on the first bridge in the capital was poor. The candelabras of the Chain Bridge, currently under renovation, will be restored to their 1914 condition, but will be equipped with energy-saving LED lights. Since the handover of the bridge in 1849, the lighting has changed several times, these are shown below.
2022. február 12. 14:00
The Hungarian Ornithological and Nature Conservation Association together with the National Heritage Institute (NÖRI) established a bird sanctuary in the graveyard on Fiumei road. The 25 burrows and the feeder are of great help to the nearly 100 species of birds that live here and 40 that breed here, including pine woodpeckers, specimens of which winter in flocks through the trees in the graveyard.
2022. február 12. 09:00
Forty years ago, the largest indoor sports hall in Hungary at that time, the Budapest Sports Hall with 12,000 seats, was handed over to the public. The huge building hosted world competitions in many sports, but many Hungarian and world-famous foreign bands and performers, such as Iron Maiden, Metallica, Deep Purple, Elton John and Tina Turner, also performed here. The building was completely burned down in 1999, demolished and replaced by the Papp László Sports Arena.
2022. február 11. 19:30
The oldest railway station in Budapest, the Rákospalota – Újpest stop, will be renewed and modernized. The train station is neglected, cramped, not barrier-free, with tens of thousands used to travel daily. The Budapest Development Center commissioned the government to draw up the first visual plans, according to which the new narrow-gauge platforms at the new railway station will be replaced by spacious, covered, modern middle platforms. Access to the platforms will be completely unobstructed and the historic station building will be preserved and renovated during the upgrades.
2022. február 11. 14:00
At the request of the people of Csepel, a family leisure park would be established in the 21st district Hollandi road youth camp, i.e. the site of the old pioneer camp. The local council wants to design the site together with the people of Csepel, tailored to the needs of the people living in the district, so it published a questionnaire and held a public forum. The concept plan is based on the responses and ideas received. The leisure park would be created as part of the developments along the Kis-Danube.
2022. február 11. 10:30
Buda Castle was not only a beautiful architectural work inside and out until the middle of the 20th century, but also a venue for dazzling events, where guests arrived in carriages and later in elegant cars. After 1905, the main entrance opened from Szent György Square, in a newly built wing building with a ramp on the other side. This building, which bridges the level difference, will also be part of the future reconstruction of the palace.
2022. február 10. 18:00
The number of bus waiters planted and planted with plants in the city center will continue to increase after the 5th District locl council continues its greening program. Together with the green waiting places in Hild Square, Szervita Square, Podmaniczky Square and Jászai Mari Square, there will now be eight green bus waiters in the city center.
2022. február 10. 15:30
More than 4,100 tons of construction waste was cleaned in the 22nd District Tétényi Plateau are the horticultural and waste management specialists of Budapesti Közművek Nonprofit Zrt. (BKM). With this, the protected natural area, which will connect the largest dry meadows of Budapest, was returned to the native flora.
2022. február 9. 16:00
The preparation of the tree planting continues with the 8th district Blaha Lujza square renovation. The root cells have just arrived, and the trees will be planted by the staff of the Budapest Transport Center (BKK) according to the winter weather. The afforestation will be followed by the construction of paving and the placement of space furniture in the square.
2022. február 9. 09:30
The Budavár Cable Car, which connects the banks of the Danube with the Buda Castle since 1870, has been renewed. The car of Margit and Gellért, a railway registered as part of the world heritage, received a new wood trim, and the windows and doors were replaced. During the overhaul, the safety equipment was refurbished and the tracks were also restored. The shuttle runs every day from 8 am to 10 pm.
2022. február 8. 20:00
The new youth education center of the Sándor Károly Football Academy will be built on the site of the Józsefváros railway station, which was built in 1867 and is now abandoned. Six large football pitches, a smaller backboard artificial grass court, and service rooms will be established in the rust area by November 2022.
2022. február 8. 14:00
The new, modern Ráday College of the Károli Gáspár Reformed University is being constructed in the interior of the dormitory, which burned down in tragic conditions in 2019. In the attic of the new building, above the nearly 100-seat dormitory, a chapel will be built, but there will also be a music hall, a roof terrace and the Pál Török Faculty Library. In addition to the restoration, the entire headquarters of the Dunamellék Reformed Diocese will be renewed, as part of which the facade of the old building on Ráday Street will be restored to its 1911 condition.
2022. február 8. 09:30
The Lehel Market Hall building was handed over twenty years ago on the site of the more than 100-year-old Lehel Square Market. The view of the huge five-story hall, which includes more than three hundred business premises, is still very divisive. Thousands of people shop every day in the hall built in the postmodern style. How could it be that even though they wanted to design a hall here as early as the 1900s, they had to wait until the 2000s? That is what PestBuda investigated.
2022. február 7. 19:00
According to their appearance in 1914, professionals are restoring and reconstructing the historic, ornate light poles of the Chain Bridge under renovation. A total of four large Széchenyi-era bronze candelabras with three luminaires have survived from the original public lighting columns of the bridge. There is no detailed professional design documentation for the other luminaires that have been lost, so they are reconstructed with the help of contemporary photos, documents and articles.
2022. február 7. 11:00
In the 1950s, the Hungarian-made solo, ie non-articulated, trolleybuses, which ran until the mid-1970s, began to be produced out of need. Although Soviet technology was used, the body was the same as the Ikarus 60 bus that appeared at the time. The first Ikarus 60T, ie the trolleybus, was introduced to the general public in Budapest 70 years ago.
2022. február 6. 09:00
There have been huge changes in City Park recently that are not over yet. The huge car park behind the Kunsthalle (Műcsarnok) has been occupied by an impressive building, the new Museum of Ethnography. It attracts attention not only with its sheer size but also with its shape - all while respecting the park nature of its surroundings. In the spring, anyone will be able to go up to the top of the building, but for the time being, only a few of those interested had the opportunity to do so.
2022. február 5. 18:00
The renovation of the first section of Arany János Street in the 5th district has been completed. During the reconstruction of the part between the Széchenyi embankment and Tüköry Street, a lot of plants were planted, including many trees, and the street was enriched with bicycle storage, new street furniture, widened sidewalks and a street drinking fountain. Renovation of the second section of Arany János Street, leading to Podmaniczky Square, is expected to begin in March.
2022. február 5. 15:00
György Szepesi, the legendary sports reporter and the "twelfth member" of the Golden Team, was born in Angyalföld a hundred years ago.
2022. február 5. 09:00
The section of Üllői Road between Kálvin Square and Nagyvárad Square has several buildings that are important not only for their architectural values but also for their cultural history. Fortunately, over the past few years, several of these have been successfully renovated as originally planned. The house at 18 Üllői Road also belongs to this group, it was renovated after many decades of deterioration. Visitors probably do not know that when this house was rebuilt in 1898, it housed the Révai Brothers' Bookstore.
2022. február 4. 19:00
The complete reconstruction of the Art Nouveau villa, built between 1905 and 1907 on Hermina road, now the headquarters of the Hungarian National Association of the Blind and Visually Impaired (MVGYOSZ), began in the spring of 2021. Part of the work is the refurbishment of the roof, the renovation of the 2,700-square-meter plaster under restoration supervision, but the hall's unique fireplace and stairs, decorated with bluish eosin-glazed tiles, and the artificial stone elements of the façade, are regaining their old splendor. The new part of the building, which was demolished next to the villa and was erected on the site of an outbuilding in the 1970s, has already reached its finished state.
2022. február 4. 14:00
More than three major-sized parks with clearings and large, green recreation areas would be created on the site of a currently neglected, dilapidated area in North Csepel. According to the plans, at least 1,000 trees will be planted in the 36-hectare park, the paved surfaces will be minimized, there will be a communal garden, a small greenhouse, a park area featuring native Hungarian pets, a visitor center and a playground for ages. A boat house and marina are planned for the waterfront. The park in Csepel can be completed by 2025. We show the plans!
2022. február 4. 09:00
The side of today's Vörösmarty Square facing the Danube has been lined with many buildings over the past 200 years, the first being the German Theatre in Pest [Pesti Német Színház], which was handed over in 1812. Although excellent Hungarian artists of the time also performed in the huge building, which could accommodate 3,500 spectators, such as Déryné and its second conductor was Ferenc Erkel himself, however, the theater could only be used for 35 years, as it burned down on 2 February 1847.

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