2021. november 8. 14:00
The Pannonia Sacra Catholic Kindergarten opened its doors in September in the 12th district, the two-storey modern building was built on Diana Road.
2021. november 8. 09:00
The Hungarian National Bank was established in 1924, and the institution's well-known building in Szabadság Square was actually handed over in 1905 as the headquarters of the Austro-Hungarian Bank in Budapest. The economic flourishing of the period of dualism is also reflected in the prestigious building designed by Ignác Alpár, which will hopefully be brought to the fore by the reconstruction that will begin soon. During the renovation of the monument, the original conditions will be restored in the interior and the whole building will be modernised and made energy-efficient.
2021. november 7. 15:00
On the 100th anniversary of György Cziffra's birth, a statue was unveiled in memory of the piano virtuoso in the park named after him.
2021. november 7. 10:30
The Újpest Railway Bridge is a stepchild among the bridges in Budapest because it does not even have a regular name. There is almost no mention of it, even though trains have been running here for 125 years, and it plays an important role in traffic around Budapest. Pestbuda now remembers the birth of the first structure, which was built in 1896 for the millennium but was destroyed in World War II.
2021. november 6. 18:30
Another milestone was reached in the new section of the tram, and the evaluation permitting and construction plans were completed. Part of the tramway will be grassed and seven new stops will be built.
2021. november 5. 17:00
In the Buda Castle, the Matthias Church opposite the former diplomatic residence, the later Burg Hotel was built in the 1970s. According to the proposal of the Hungarian Chamber of Architects, the building should be placed under local protection, thus preserving it for posterity.
2021. november 5. 14:00
The recently reborn Riding Hall in Budavár, with its red and green English slate roof structure rebuilt in the same way as the original, won the World Championship of the International Roofing Association in Germany. The building, with its vaulted mansard roof, has earned the recognition in the category of metal roofs.
2021. november 5. 11:00
The church of the Lutheran Parish of Kőbánya, consecrated in 1931, is located in the geometric center of the capital. The building at 14 Kápolna Street is a small "jewel box" of Hungarian sacred architecture between the two world wars. Its floor plan evokes the world of Baroque sacral buildings with a single nave, and in its external design it can be related to the Western European buildings of art deco.
2021. november 4. 10:30
The transformation of the Hungarian capital into a metropolis was formulated before the unification of Pest and Buda, when in 1871 a tender was issued for the preparation of a regulatory plan that would provide a framework for the planned large-scale constructions. The tender, which closed 150 years ago, received a number of proposals that contributed to the development of the currently known structure and cityscape of the capital.
2021. november 3. 20:00
During the renovation of the National Korányi Pulmonology Institute of the 12th district, new trees will be planted in place of the trees to be felled. The institution replaces 200 trees locally and 300 trees are planted in various public areas of the district.
2021. november 1. 14:00
Although the Szemlő-hegyi Cave has been discovered for more than 90 years, it has only been open to the public for 35 years. This is one of the most beautiful and interesting underground attractions in the capital, which is a great recognition, as there are several cave specialities below Budapest.
2021. október 30. 09:00
There is a place in Budapest that has almost gained world fame. In the end, however, it did not become world-famous, in fact, it does not even have a regular, honest name. In our current article, we will visit Népsziget [People's Island], which is beautiful even in its severe neglect and underutilization.
2021. október 29. 19:30
According to the public procurement, the designer should take into account that the market hall, built in 1897 according to the plans of Győző Czigler, is a protected monument building in a world heritage area.
2021. október 29. 10:00
At the end of World War II, a permanent railway bridge over the Danube was rebuilt at record speed. One and a half years after the weapons were silenced in the country, and exactly 22 months after the bridge was blown up, the semi-permanent structure of the Connecting Railway Bridge was already standing, weighing half as much as the Chain Bridge which is much longer than this. Although it was demolished a few years later from its original location, it moved to Újpest, where it served traffic until recently.
2021. október 28. 16:30
Pro Architectura awards were presented in connection with several buildings in Budapest, the establishment of the Eiffel Workshop, the National Museum Restoration and Storage Center, the renovation of the Károlyi-Csekonics Palace, and the design ceramics restoration tasks of the Udvar Hotel in Paris.
2021. október 27. 18:30
The complete reconstruction of the headquarters of the Magyar Nemzeti Bank in Szabadság Square will start in November. During the works, the damage to architecture and the fine arts caused by post-World War II alterations, thus restoring the original splendor of the building. The end of the renovation is planned for 2024, the 100th anniversary of the founding of the independent Hungarian central bank.
2021. október 27. 14:00
The tender for the renovation of the station building of the Kelenföld railway station has been announced, the construction works may start next year. The Transport Museum will create a railway history exhibition space and field table in the house, but a new community space and a café are also planned.
2021. október 27. 11:30
111 years ago, the idea of one of the typical societal media of the 20th century, Színházi Élet, was born in one of the 3rd-floor rooms of the house at 53 Andrássy Avenue. There were many shops and offices in the building, but nowadays the roof of the building is also interesting. A lot has happened in the last 135 years with the roof of the residential house on the corner of Andrássy Avenue and Eötvös Street - the most recently completed attic installation got an occupancy permit.
2021. október 26. 15:00
The Eiffel Workshop of the Hungarian State Opera House was officially handed over, and a total of 33,000 square meters and a 3-hectare park of the institution were renewed. The new cultural center opens up a great opportunity for opera performance.
2021. október 25. 15:00
The Franciscans of Pasarét renovated the monastery and church in the Parish of St. Anthony of Padua and created a new, modern community parish building. The church of Pasarét, designed by Gyula Rimanóczy Sr., was consecrated in 1934 and most recently underwent major reconstruction in the 1980s.
2021. október 20. 14:00
The shrine of the Virgin Mary, built in the 18th century and later demolished in Békásmegyer-ófalu, has now been rebuilt on the initiative of the local traditional association.
2021. október 19. 14:00
Gardening work began on the banks of the Pünkösdfürdő Danube, 3rd district. A huge 25-year-old oak was planted in Pünkösdfürdő Park on Monday, 18 October.
2021. október 19. 10:30
The Erzsébet Square bus station has not departed and accepted buses for twenty years now. For much of the 20th century, it was still natural for buses to depart from central spaces that were easily accessible to all, but due to changes in urban development considerations, bus stations were pretty slowly pushed out of the inner city core. The Erzsébet Square bus station in the 5th District was also closed down.
2021. október 18. 10:00
The sculpture composition called Garden of Philosophy has been standing on Gellért Hill for twenty years now. The work, which depicts the world's leading thinkers and founders of world religions, was donated to Budapest by Nándor Wagner, a sculptor of Hungarian origin living in Japan.
2021. október 17. 09:00
By the end of the 1950s, the existing trams in Budapest proved to be increasingly too small, so a new, more accommodating, articulated tram was built by Hungarian engineers, the Bengali. The recipe was simple, the type was spacious and shapely, yet the first articulated trams that appeared in Budapest were not clearly successful.
2021. október 16. 14:00
On the occasion of the Hungarian Artists Day on 18 October, we followed in the footsteps of Budapest's artist sculptures: we show how the famous artists live in the memory of the capital, which painters' memories were preserved, why and how.
2021. október 15. 09:00
Reconstruction after World War II also extended to transport networks. On the one hand, the railway also suffered from the war, and on the other hand, the existing capacities were tied up in the reconstruction, so part of the passenger transport was solved by planes. Domestic flights were launched on 15 October 1946 by Malév's predecessor, the Maszovlet company, and the first two planes could travel from Budapest to Debrecen and Szombathely.
2021. október 14. 21:00
A number of recently discovered works of art, building elements, photographs and other documents are presented in the renewed permanent exhibition in the Castle Museum, which reviews the modern history of the Buda Castle. A 3D reconstruction of the three eras of the palace can be seen: the animations evoke the states created by the medieval, Baroque and Haussmannian expansions. A new temporary exhibition on the relocation of sculptures during the change of regime "Can Ostapenko stay?" can also be seen.
2021. október 13. 19:00
The closing piece of the steel structure of the new, Southern railway connecting bridge was added, thus completing the next phase of the renovation and expansion of the Danube railway bridge. According to the plans, from mid-December, trains will be able to run over the Danube on the two new bridge structures.
2021. október 13. 10:00
Gyorskocsi Street in Buda preserves the history of the means of transport used in the 18th-19th century, before the spread of the railway, which made it possible to get from Buda to Vienna and back in the shortest time. But what was that particular gyorskocsi [diligence or stagecoach] like, who travelled by it, and how long did the trip take? You can read about that here.

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