Square named after Vilma Hugonnai in Józsefváros

Hungarian version of the article: Hugonnai Vilmáról neveztek el teret Józsefvárosban

September 11, 2020 at 4:00 PM

The previously unnamed square that houses the monument to the doctors that died in World war I, in front of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology of Semmelweis University, has been named after Vilma Hugonnai, the first female Hungarian doctor.

On 8 September, the small square in the 8th District at the intersection of Üllői Road and Korányi Sándor Street was inaugurated as Hugonnai Vilma Square – writes jozsefvaros.hu.

Of almost 150 names public areas in Józsefváros, only seven: Blaha Lujza Square, Ludovika Square, Magdolna Street, The Blessed Virgin of the Hungarians Square, Mária Street and Márkus Emília Street bear the names of women. Thus, the decision marks the first instalment in the repaying a long-standing debt.

The Budapest general assembly supported the initiative to name the previously unnamed square, and honour Vilma Hugonnai's life work.

The small square at the intersection of Üllői Road and Korányi Sándor Street has been named after Vilma Hugonnai (Photo: jozsefvaros.hu)

The square in from of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology of Semmelweis University was named after the first Hungarian women to receive a degree in medicine and work as a doctor.

While completing a medical degree in Zurich in 1879, her diploma was not recognized at the time by the relevant ministry in Hungary. A royal decree in 1895 made it possible for her to be declared a doctor in Budapest on 14 May 1897. She became the first Hungarian women with a university degree. Following the decision, she was legally allowed to open a private practice, primarily treating women and the poor.

Vilma Hugonnai, the first Hungarian woman to work as a doctor (Source: Wikipedia)

She was one of the founders of the National Association for the Training of Women and led the Hungarian Association of Midwives. She held lectures on health science in the school of the training association and published several articles relating to childbirth and the work of midwives. Later, alongside her extensive medical practice, she became a leading figure of the Women's Movement. Vilma Hugonnai lived under 41 Bíró Lajos Street, in Józsefváros.

Source: jozsefvaros.hu

Cover photo: Square named after Vilma Hugonnai in Józsefváros (Photo: jozsefvaros.hu)

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