Hospitality providers will be able to lease spots on the Pest Lower Embankment and in Városháza Park. The Budapest Festival and Tourism Centre announced the tender for the locations. The documents state that a total of 14 locales will be opened between Margaret Bridge and Eötvös Square. The majority of providers will be located at the foot of the Chain Bridge between the Danube and Széchenyi Square.

Towed or self-powered food trucks and unfixed pavilions that do not require water and sewage connections are eligible. The four 6-by-3-metre and ten 8-by-3-metre food trucks will serve food, drinks and alcohol. Bar tables, stools and regular tables and chairs may be placed on the road. The trucks must be open from 10 am to midnight. The 6 by 2.5-metre container toilets will be placed on Eötvös Square.

Self-powered or towed food trucks will be allowed to operate on the Lower Embankment until August 13th(Photo: Balázs Both/

The outlets will be allowed to occupy the Pest Lower Embankment and its immediate area (the latter term is included in the tender documentation) on 18 and 19 July, as well as between 25 July and 13 August. The smaller trucks will pay 440 000 HUF and the larger 770 000 HUF in rent for the whole period. The city will gain an income of 9 460 000 HUF from the leases.

Food trucks will be placed between Margaret bridge and Eötvös Square on the Pest Lower Embankment (Photo Balázs Bóth/

Városháza Park will also become a hospitality hub, and according to the map provided in the tender, over half of the area will be handed over to the winning idea. However, the whole area will be rented out to one entrant, who will provide detailed plans of how the area will be set up.

The temporary food and drinks outlet will operate for longer in the city centre not far from Deák Square. The food trucks will be open 10 am to 10 pm on weekends and midday to 10 pm on weekdays between 18 July and 13 September. The winning entry will pay a total of 580 000 HUF as rent.

The press release also mentions that a pavilion for the Budapest Festival and Tourism Centre will also be built next to the hospitality provider in the city centre.

Cover photo: Hospitality providers will be able to lease areas of the pest Lower Embankment through the summer (Photo: Balázs Both/