“The reconstruction of Archduke Joseph's palace on Szent György Square will also begin this year. The building's facade and representative spaces will be identical to the original aristocratic residence demolished in 1968. These spaces will be open to the general public. Other parts of the building will house modern offices," – writes the Facebook page of the National Hauszmann Program.

Reconstruction of Archduke Joseph's palace will begin later this year as planned (Photo: National Hauszmann Program)

The Archduke's Palace on Szent György Square, designed by Flóris Korb and Kálmán Giergl and completed in 1906, was demolished in 1968. Since then, its plot has been a ruin, lacking any function in the middle of a major historic main square of the city. The National Hauszmann Program is to rebuild the palace in its original place, within an effort to renew the Buda Castle District.

The palace will be an authentic copy of its demolished predecessor. In addition to the external façade, the magnificent, glass-roofed ornamental staircase behind the main entrance will also be reconstructed according to the original designs. This will lead to the two-storey ceremonial hall. Primarily, the building will houses offices, but its representative halls will host various events.

Ornamental staircase of Archduke Joseph's Palace around 1940 (Photo: Schöffer photo BTM, Kiscelli Museum, photograph collection)

The ruined main staircase Archduke Joseph's Palace in 1948 (Photo: MTI Photo Gallery, FMAFI)

In addition to the external facade, the magnificent glass-roofed staircase behind the main entrance of the palace is also being reconstructed following the original plans (Photo: National Hauszmann Program)

Ballroom on the first floor of the Palatine's palace, 1914 (Photo by Antal Lorenz, Az Érdekes Ujság, 1914)

The ceremonial hall of the Archduke Joseph's Palace, which reached two-stories in height, will be rebuilt to mirror the original (Photo: National Hauszmann Program)

The palace will also host events. Its restored representative halls and Renaissance revival gardens will be open to the public. (Photo: National Hauszmann Program)

The representative halls and Renaissance revival gardens of the palace will be open to the public.

Cover photo: Visual of the ornate main staircase to be rebuilt in the Palatine's palace (Photo: National Hauszmann Program)

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