Penta Általános Építőipari Kft. will built the memorial to the victims of the Hableány accident. The public procurement gazette of the European Union lists the cost as 134,5 million HUF. The memorial will be erected on 200 square metres near the Pest bridgehead of Margit Bridge at the site of the spontaneous memorial after the accident in 2019. 

Commissioned by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade, the memorial will be completed by May 1.

The Hableány riverboat seen in 2013, Chain Bridge and the Royal Palace of Buda Castle in the background (Photo: Wikimedia)

The Hableány riverboat entered service in 1949 and sung on 29 May 2019 after being hit by the Viking Syng river cruise ship under Margit Bridge. The larger vessel folded the small boat underneath it. Twentyseven people died in one of the worst boat accidents in the history of Danube cruises: 25 of the 35 South Korean tourists and the two crewmen aboard the Hableány. Only seven people were pulled from the water alive; the body of one victim was never found. They are listed as missing to the present day. 

Cover photo: The southern side of the Pest bridgehead of Margit Bridge became a spontaneous memorial in 2019 (Photo: Google Streetview)