Renders released – Budapest campus of Pázmány Péter University to open in 2027

Hungarian version of the article: Látványtervek – 2027-ben nyithat meg a Pázmány budapesti campusa a Magyar Rádió volt épületeiben

April 17, 2021 at 2:00 PM

The campus of the Pázmány Péter Catholic University planned to use the former buildings of the Hungarian Radio will significantly change the cityscape. During the investment, which is expected to be completed by 2027, several significant buildings will be renovated in the area behind the National Museum, such as the Esterházy Palace, which also includes the former Marble Hall of the National Radio and the dilapidated Károlyi Palace. New buildings will also be erected.

Pázmány Péter Catholic University (PPKE), which has been operating fragmented between several campuses, is moving into a consolidated campus in the former buildings of the Hungarian Radio. The area bordered by Szentkirályi Street – Múzeum Street – Pollack Mihály Square and Bródy Sándor Street in Józsefváros will house the university. Several buildings that dominate the cityscape will be affected, such as 4–6 Pollack Mihály Square (the former Esterházy Palace), numbers 8 and 10 on the same square (the former Károlyi Palace), 5–7 Bródy Sándor Street, and 25/A, 25/B Szentkirályi Street. In addition, Pázmány also owns numbers 26, 28 and 30 on the other side of Szentkirályi Street. 

The future Pázmány campus seen from Pollack Mihály Square: the Károlyi Palace on the lower right, the former central office building of the Radio on the left, and the red-brick Esterházy Palace, which also houses the Marble Hall. The upper part of the picture shows the red-tiled roof of the Pázmány Faculty of Law (Photo: Google Streetview)  Render of Pázmány's new Budapest campus, expected to be completed by 2027 (Source:

Pál Becker, the head of the investment, told the Magyar Nemzet daily about the Pázmány Budapest Campus. The Budapest Development Center will coordinate the preparations for the campus, and the condition of the properties in the area is currently being assessed.

The Director of Development at PPKE explained that according to the plans, the new campus, which will open in 2027, will have laboratories, IT and technical research centres, a modern university library and reading rooms, a 300-bed hall of residence and a sports field, as well as facilities for concerts.

An underground garage is planned under the new part of the building (Source:

The director also said that the area would be an open campus, meaning it will not be fenced off, and visitors can approach the university at any time, although, he noted, of course, guards would be posted. The university also hopes to operate a sports complex in the area that students and district residents can use. 

In the information published on the university's website, PPKE states that the protection of the environment and historic monuments was a priority in the design of the new campus. The old buildings will be renovated and remodelled, while some of the existing building at 26 Szentkirályi Street will be demolished. The National Gymnasium, designed by Mór Kallina and built in 1870, stands on the street front of this plot. 

According to plans for the facade, this is how the Szentkirályi Street building of PPKE, the former National Gymnasium, will look like after reconstruction (Source: ÉTDR)

Cover photo: Render of planned campus on Pollack Mihály Square (Source:

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