Gellérthegyi Sikló Kft. Has received a building permit for the construction of a pedestrian tunnel and stairs to be passed under Hegyalja road, which will ensure the accessibility of the lower station of the future cable car running on the side of Gellért Hill.

The planned route of the Gellért Hill cable car (source: Dávid Vitézy / Facebook)

As the company points out in its announcement, the document issued by the Government Office of the Capital City of Budapest was necessary because the underpass and the stairs were subject to a separate permitting procedure as part of the Gellért Hill glider facility.

As we previously reported, Gellérthegyi Sikló Kft. Received an environmental permit from the Pest County Government Office in November 2021 for the establishment and operation of the cable car. Parts covered by the permit: the reception area with the reception building, the underpass and the lower station, the cable car, the tunnel and the Orom street exit, the upper station. And in January, the agency issued a new building permit in addition to the previous building permit, which ensured that preparations for construction work continued.

Visual design of the Gellért Hill cable car (photo: Gellérthegyi Sikló Kft.)

According to the current announcement, the company is confident that by strengthening the dialogue with the local government, the last obstacles to the construction of the Gellért Hill cable car will soon be removed, given that Budapest Transport Center Ltd. is a minority owner in the project. you are expected to attend the next general meeting.

According to the plans, the Gellért Hill cable car can start operating in the second half of 2023.

Source: MTI

Cover photo: The planned pedestrian underpass of the Gellért Hill cable car and the stairs leading to Hegyalja út have also received permission (photo: Both Balázs / Facebook)