Renovation of the Whale has begun

Hungarian version of the article: Megkezdődött a Bálna felújítása

March 15, 2022 at 6:00 PM

The capital's iconic building, the Whale, is being renovated. As part of the complex reconstruction of the building, the main and outbuildings will be renovated and the damaged glass elements will be replaced. The new decorative lighting has already been completed, so the house will be in national colors on the occasion of 15 March.

As can be seen from today's announcement by the Hungarian Tourism Agency, the complex reconstruction of the Whale has begun. As part of the investment, the main and outbuildings will be renovated, the shell structure will be insulated, and the iconic building of the capital has already received decorative lighting consisting of thousands of light bulbs.

The characteristic building received new, decorative lighting (photo:

Currently, the most important goal of the investment is conservation. As part of this, the whale insulation was renewed and the damaged glass elements were replaced using more modern and durable materials. The new decorative lighting with LED technology, which was completed in parallel, is more ecologically sustainable and can highlight one of the most interesting buildings in Budapest with dynamic effects.

In addition, a new water block has been built on the ground floor of the building, and several mechanical and electrical modifications have been completed to increase the Whale's comfort level and operational safety. Furthermore, according to the plans, the modernization of the underground garage will be completed by the end of March, in which a parking machine suitable for card payments will be installed, and six fast chargers will be set up for electric cars - according to the Hungarian Tourism Agency.

Source: Hungarian Tourism Agency

Cover photo: Aerial view of the Whale (

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