The section of the lower rapport in Buda between Döbrentei square and Halász street is expected to be closed for two months from 20 June due to the renovation works of the Chain Bridge, said the investment director of the BKK on Thursday, according to MTI.

László Horváth said that due to the renovation works affecting the bottom of the bridge, the scaffolding would have to be brought over the embankment, and this would not allow the vehicle traffic to be maintained. Those traveling by car on the lower embankment of Buda will have to drive up the ramp at Halász Street and Döbrentei Square.

He added: about a year ago, the renovation of the bridge’s roadway began. The reconstruction of the Chain Bridge is taking place within the set deadline and within the provided budget, no redesign was required. By the end of the year, the roadway will be completed, and the complete renovation of the bridge will be completed next fall - as was said on site.

The Chain Bridge under renovation on 9 June, 2022 (Photo: MTI / Zoltán Máthé)

The works are progressing according to schedule, moving from the middle of the bridge to the shores to reinforce the road. The bridge will consist of 94 steel slabs, of which only 10 are missing. According to BKK's announcement on the details of the renovation, at the Buda bridgehead, the contractor's experts will rebuild the structural parts close to the shore, which are still inaccessible due to embankment traffic, and repair the defects in the steel structure.

Only then will they be able to lift and install the new steel roadway that replaces the old reinforced concrete and the steel elements that make up the sidewalk on this section as well. In addition, they replace the previously damaged wind grilles due to vehicles that do not comply with the height restrictions, and finally carry out corrosion protection work.

To do this, the scaffolding used for the renovation will have to be rebuilt and lowered to the working level above the quay roadway, so there will be a temporary closure of the affected section from 20 June to mid-August. This is necessary because the work space required for the structural work above the roadway hangs in the road gauge, so that vehicles cannot fit safely under the scaffolding. The safety of workers performing hazardous work on the scaffold and those traveling under the work area cannot be ensured while maintaining road traffic, they pointed out.

According to the BKK announcement, those traveling by car can drive south from Óbuda to Halász Street. There they have to drive in the direction of Fő street, then Fő street - Tunnel - Tunnel street - Attila street - Krisztina boulevard - Szent Gellért embankment and Technical University embankmeng, or Fő street - Lánchíd street - Apród street - Krisztina boulevard - Szent Gellért embankment and Technical University embankment route.

The renovation of the Chain Bridge started in the spring of 2021 (Photo: MTI / Zoltán Máthé)

Attention was also drawn to the fact that due to the limited capacity of the Halász Street driveway, it will not be possible to drive south to the lower embankment at the Margaret Bridge. You can drive north to Döbrentei square. From there, those traveling by car can continue on Attila street - Tunnel street - Tunnel - Fő street - Jégverem street - Bem embankment or Attila street - Lánchíd street - Fő street - Jemverem street - Bem embankment and depart from Halász street back to the lower embankment of Buda,

It is worthwhile to drive on the Árpád Bridge - Hungária Ring - Rákóczi Bridge route. During the temporary closure of the embankment section between Halász street and Döbrentei square, the lower embankment of Pest will not be opened on weekends to those traveling on foot or by micromobility.

BKK also informed that the underpasses in the bridge ends are already ready for construction, and after the concreting, iron installation and insulation works, the professionals will be laying the electrical protection pipes under the pavement in the Buda underpass. On the Pest side, the stone surfaces next to tram lines 2 and 2M are being cleaned and repaired: first, the graffiti will be removed where the protective distance allows, and the work of the professionals will not disturb public transport. In addition, on-site repairs of the supporting structures for the new sidewalks in the shore openings of the bridge are underway, as well as painting the lower section of the chains, the new track elements of the bridge and the repaired supporting structure under tents, MTI reported.

The renovation of the Chain Bridge started in the spring of 2021, under the construction of AHíd Zrt.

Source: MTI

Cover photo: The section of the lower embankment of Buda between Döbrentei square and Halász street will be closed for two months from 20 June due to the renovation works of the Chain Bridge (Photo: MTI / Zoltán Máthé)