An exhibition presenting the architectural values of Budapest opens in the Metropolitan Ervin Szabó Library on Thursday, entitled "From Eclecticism to Brutalism: Architectural Assets Excavated in Budapest between 2017-2022", MTI reports, referring to the library's statement.

The panels will feature eclectic buildings in the area within the Outer Ring Road, industrial buildings in many parts of the city, houses showing diverse styles from the period between the two world wars, and a total of more than 100 buildings representing the evolution of architecture in the decades after 1945 - MTI reports on the exhibition opening this afternoon, 2 March, which can be viewed in the Atrium of the library in the 8th District, accessible from the main entrance at 1 Reviczky Street.

The invitation to the exhibition shows the OTP headquarters at 7-9 Deák Ferenc Street in the 5th District, which was designed to replace a building damaged in the war (Source: FSZEK)

Budapest's unique skyline is provided by the Danube panorama and the predominantly eclectic buildings that make up the inner city area. The finest architectural works belonging to the world's universal heritage are usually nationally protected monuments, but in addition to the iconic buildings, there are also a large number of building complexes under local protection - MTI quotes from the exhibition information, which can also be found on the library's website.  The telegraph office also announces the finding of the exhibition organisers, according to which many of the houses built in periods closer to our time are still waiting to be discovered.

Since 2017, the Budapest City Council has placed more than 340 buildings under protection based on its decree on the protection of the urban image and as a result of the thematic research of the Urban Planning Department, the exhibition that opens today presents about 100 of these buildings.

The exhibition "From Eclecticism to Brutalism: Architectural Assets Excavated in Budapest between 2017-2022" was on display at the FUGA Budapest Centre of Architecture from 14 September to 16 October 2022 (Photo:

An exhibition titled "From Eclecticism to Brutalism: Architectural Assets Excavated in Budapest between 2017-2022" opened in October 2022 at the FUGA Budapest Centre of Architecture, Petőfi Sándor Street, and the exhibition's images can still be viewed on the website. The invitation to the exhibition, which opens today at 5 p.m., does not reveal whether the public can see the same photos in this exhibition as in the fall, or whether new ones have been selected from among the 340 architectural values declared protected since 2017.

On the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the unification of Budapest, the Metropolitan Ervin Szabó Library is planning several events and exhibitions this year, including the exhibition that is opening now, which will be open until 30 March.

Source: MTI, FSZEK, Pestbuda

Cover photo: The Metropolitan Ervin Szabó Library's building (Photo: Wikipedia)