2nd District

197376_cms-kerekparozas_bkk.jpg Bicycle-friendly developments are starting in three districts Public procurement tenders were announced for the development of the bicycle network in the 2nd, 3rd and 13th Districts. The works will start this summer, their goal is to increase the safety of bicycle traffic and to encourage cycling.
The headquarters of the Hungarian Central Statistical Office is 125 years old The Hungarian Royal Central Statistical Office was established in 1871. For a long time, the institution did not have an independent home and was constantly forced to move. The turning point occurred in 1896 when a legal article was published on the construction of the independent building. The plans were prepared by the renowned architect and university professor Győző Czigler. The handover of the new headquarters took place on 18 December 1897, but the staff of the office only took possession of the building in January 1898.
The foundation stone of the new gymnasium of the Baár-Madas Reformed High School in the 2nd District was laid On 19 December, the foundation stone of the newly constructed gymnasium of the Baár–Madas Reformed High School, Primary School and Student Dormitory in the 2nd District was laid. The new gymnasium is expected to be completed at the end of 2023.
The Miraculous Hind statue was handed over in the garden of the former Postal Palace The Miraculous Hind statue was inaugurated in the garden of the Hungarian National Bank Supervisory Centre and Money Museum, i.e., the former Postal Palace on Krisztina Boulevard. The symbol of the Money Museum, the five-metre-high work standing on a six-metre-high pedestal, which symbolises renewal, ascension, and abundance, can be clearly seen by pedestrians and motorists on Krisztina Boulevard from afar.
The renewed building of the Franciscans in Pasarét was handed over In a quiet green area of Buda, on Szilfa Street in the 2nd District, the building of the Franciscan order can be found, which also houses a kindergarten and a day care centre for the elderly. The house was completely renovated and remodelled this year, the slate roof was replaced, and its ceremonial inauguration took place a few days ago.
Citizens waited four years for it: the Community Park was handed over in Máriaremete The new leisure park has been completed in Máriaremete in the 2nd District, on the block of land that also includes the Dezső Gyarmati Swimming Pool and the József Pokorny Sports and Leisure Centre. The concept of the Community Park was developed back in 2018, and the residents of the neighbourhood were able to take possession of the area a few days ago, which also includes sports fields, a playground, a jogging track, and a fitness park.
The Ferenchalmi Chapel is two hundred years old The Chapel of the Virgin Mary of Ferenchalom, located on Budakeszi Road, was consecrated two hundred years ago. The church, which is under monument protection, is now facing functional and architectural renewal. On the occasion of the jubilee, the Hungarian Charity Service of the Order of Malta opened a model and photo exhibition.
The foundation stone of the synagogue in Újlak was laid 135 years ago When the synagogue on Frankel Leó Road - then Zsigmond Street - was built, it was referred to as the Jewish church in Újlak. Its designer was Sándor Fellner, the creator of the Ministry of Finance in Buda Castle. The synagogue in the 2nd District is no longer seen as it was at the time of its construction since it has since been surrounded by a residential building.
Kapás Street clinic in the 2nd District is being renovated The renovation of the specialist clinic in Kapás Street has begun. The reception area on the ground floor under renovation, the patient management system is being modernised, and medical equipment is also being purchased.
Hűvösvölgy, which is only cold in its name Most people associated Hűvösvölgy with the cold, but today it is less cool, especially in summer than in previous centuries. Moreover, the cool is refuted by a very interesting natural monument. It is a fairly large area, so it is worth visiting the Hűvösvölgy and its surroundings on two excursion days. The part of the city is also rich in natural, built and cultural sights, which already gained special importance in the time of King Matthias.
Greening of Margaret Boulevard will begin soon, and the houses will also be cleaned Margaret Boulevard can be significantly greened: in addition to nearly 5,000 perennial and bulbous plants, at least a dozen new trees will be planted on the side of the road. In addition, a tender is planned to clean the facades of the stone-paved houses on Margaret Boulevard.
Renewal in Pasarét: renovation of the Franciscan church and the new parish building to be completed in the autumn The life of one of the first modern churches in Budapest may soon be given new impetus: the investment on Pasaréti Square, next to the church designed by Gyula Rimanóczy and completed in 1934, has begun. The project will renew the parish building, create an up-to-date library and community centre that follows the style of the modern church. Due to the works, the 2nd District church will be closed in July-August, the reconstruction is expected to be completed by Autumn.
Massive leisure park to be created on neglected plots near Pál-Völgyi Cave A leisure park will be established on three neglected plots bordered by Csalit Street – Csatárka Road – Szikla Street in the 2nd District. The plans have been made following consultations with locals. The leisure park will include an outdoor gym, a geological and botanical educational trail and garden, a running track, a playground, a giant slide, a dog park and a traffic park.
A greener Buda – trees and other plants planted in Buda About 250 trees have been planted in the 2nd District through November.

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